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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Your Opinions Matter

Your opinions help create better customer service and experiences in the future.

Timely Feedback

Your timely feedback is important to have your recent visit fresh in your mind.

Get Rewarded

Get rewarded for your opinions. Reward varies, see your receipt for details.

Survey Details:
This survey is offered to recent customers with a valid receipt. The survey reward may change at any time. Upon completing the survey, if applicable, be sure to write down the survey code in the space provided to get your free reward. – Bahama Breeze Customer Satisfaction Survey

Bahama Breeze wants your feedback! Customers are currently invited to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. An invitation to the survey is currently being printed on select receipts.

Getting started with

Here's what you need to do to complete the Bahama Breeze Survey (located at and redeem the offer printed on your receipt:

  1. Make sure you have your receipt in hand
  2. Visit to get started
  3. Follow the instructions carefully
  4. Click "Start Survey" to begin

Start Survey

Have you recently paid a visit to Bahama Breeze? If so, your feedback is needed!

All you need to do is have your Bahama Breeze receipt handy, be ready to give your honest opinions about your recent visit, then go to to begin.

Upon completion of the short customer survey, you will be instructed on how to redeem the offer printed on your receipt.

Click the button above to begin the survey!

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