The Best Jack In The Box Items (Ultimate Guide)


Everyone loves a secret menu, the place where you can order that weird-sounding combo and get it without a side of judgment. Unless you’re at Jack in the Box, because they’re not having any of your secret menu shenanigans. If you love fast food so much that you want something new every time you go, then this guide to Jack in the Box secret menu is for you. Read on to discover insider tips about the best unlisted items from Jack in The Box. Some restaurants have a secret menu or hidden items that aren’t listed on their official menu board. Other places might have certain combinations of ingredients that are known as “secret menu” items but may not be listed under that name anywhere. In some cases, there are also brand-new flavors available if you know how to ask for them.

What You May Not Know About Jack In The Box

You can thank David Edgerton and James McLamore for starting Jack in the Box when they were just teenagers. While it was originally a burger joint, the company has grown to include a variety of other fast food items. If you love their tacos, you can thank their CEO, Leonard Comma, who invented them when he was working at Jack in the Box in the ’70s. Jack in the Box is the largest hamburger chain in the West Coast and Texas, with 38,000 restaurants in 19 countries. But they’re best known for their distinctive “Jack’s Burger” box. In the ’80s, they were the first restaurant to offer a drive-thru window exclusively for workers on skateboards, roller skates, or other forms of non-wheeled transportation.

Jack’s Double Beef ‘n Cheese

If you like your sandwiches with a side of cheese and two pieces of beef, then you’ll love Jack’s Double Beef ‘n Cheese. But this one is on the secret menu, so you’ll have to order it off the menu. To order the Jack’s Double Beef ‘n Cheese, just ask for a Double Jack with extra cheese. You’ll get a much more satisfying sandwich than you would by ordering a standard Double Jack. You can also order any other cheese item off the menu with extra cheese on top. This includes the Ultimate Cheeseburger, the Sourdough Jack, and the Sourdough Grilled Cheese.

Jumbo Jack With a Side of Secret Sauce

If you want a Jack in the Box sandwich that’s also part dip, then try the Jumbo Jack with a side of secret sauce. Just ask for the Jumbo Jack with a side of their sweet and zesty sauce. The Jumbo Jack is one of their normal sandwiches, just with two patties. The Sourdough Grilled Cheese is also available with a side of secret sauce.

Meaty Grilled Shakes: The Ultimate Burger Shake-Up

If you love burgers and shakes, you can combine the two into one item with the Meaty Grilled Shakes. They come in either the bacon or cheeseburger flavor. Just order one of their shakes and ask for a burger patty on the side. You might have to ask a few times because it isn’t listed on their menu and the employees may not know exactly how to make it. But they will eventually get the idea, and you can enjoy this tasty, burger-y shake. If you’re in the mood for a different flavor, try the Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake. The shake is incredibly sweet, but you can bring the savory side to the table with the addition of a burger patty.

Secret Menu Items at Jack in the Box

Each of these secret menu items can be combined with any other item on the menu to make it that much better. You can add extra bacon to any sandwich, extra cheese to any burger, or even extra sourdough to any Grilled Cheese. You can also add toppings to your tacos or put extra mayo on your fries. If you’re eating any of their breakfast items, you can order any pancakes with extra syrup, any hash browns with extra cheese, or any omelet with extra bacon or ham. Just remember to ask for all of your modifications before they go into the meal.

Cheese Quesadilla

If you want a quesadilla that’s more like a melted cheese sandwich, just order a Cheese Quesadilla. It’s made with the same tortillas as their Grilled Quesadillas, but they stuff it with extra melted cheese. It’s like a melted cheese sandwich that you can dip in salsa instead of ketchup. You can also order a Grilled Quesadilla with extra melted cheese, or a Bacon Quesadilla with extra melted cheese. The recipes for all three are the same – just add extra cheese for the first two.

Chicken Nanaki and Spicy Hawaiian Roll

If you want something a little more unusual, try the Chicken Nanaki or the Spicy Hawaiian Roll. You can order either of these two sandwiches without lettuce. So if you want something a little more low-carb that’s still reminiscent of a Hawaiian Roll, then try one of these. These two secret menu items have a similar flavor to a Hawaiian Roll, but they’re just a little more spicy. They’re made with a smaller bread than a Hawaiian Roll, so they’re smaller, too.

How To Get Free Jack In The Box Food

This is a great free food hack for Jack In The Box lovers. Did you know Jack’s offers a customer satisfaction survey which if you take part in, you can get free food? Well, they do. Here’s your chance to get free Jack In The Box food by simply giving your feedback. Just have a recent receipt handy, and go to to enter the Jack In The Box Survey, and tell them what you think about your recent visit. You will be rewarded with a coupon for free food. Enjoy!


The best thing about the Jack in the Box secret menu items is that they’re simple and straightforward. There are no weird ingredients or unusual combinations. Just order your favorite sandwich or taco with extra bacon, lettuce, or cheese, and you’ll get a more indulgent version of your meal. Whether you’re using the Jack in the Box secret menu to turn your favorite sandwich into a double or to get a completely new meal, you’ll get a tastier, more satisfying meal than you would from the regular menu.

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