Taking Customer Surveys for Rewards: Ultimate Guide

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In an age where customer feedback is more valuable than ever, businesses are continually seeking insights directly from their audience to shape their products and services. Customer surveys have emerged as a powerful tool in this quest, offering a unique win-win scenario: companies gain essential market intelligence, and participants are rewarded for their time and opinions. This article delves into the purpose behind customer surveys, their operation, and the myriad benefits they offer to participants.

The Purpose of Customer Surveys

Feedback and Improvement: At the heart of customer surveys is the desire for businesses to refine and enhance their offerings. These surveys provide a direct line of communication to the consumer, allowing companies to gather honest feedback on what’s working, what isn’t, and where improvements can be made.

Market Research: Beyond individual feedback, customer surveys are an invaluable tool for broader market research. They help identify trends in consumer behavior, preferences, and needs, enabling businesses to strategically position their products or services.

Customer Engagement: Surveys also play a crucial role in engaging customers. By soliciting feedback, companies show they value their customers’ opinions, fostering a sense of involvement and community among their consumer base.

How Customer Surveys Work

Design and Distribution: Creating effective customer surveys involves careful question design to elicit clear, actionable feedback. Distribution channels are varied, including email, website prompts, and social media, ensuring a wide reach.

Participation: Invitations to participate are typically sent to customers post-purchase or interaction. These invitations often highlight the survey’s purpose and the rewards for participating, from discounts to entries in sweepstakes.

Data Collection and Analysis: Behind the scenes, sophisticated tools collect and analyze responses, translating raw data into insights that can drive strategic decisions.

Benefits for Participants

Rewards and Incentives: The most immediate benefit for survey participants is the rewards. These can range from direct monetary compensation, such as cash or gift cards, to indirect benefits like discount coupons or loyalty points.

Influence on Products/Services: Participants in customer surveys wield influence over the future direction of products and services. This direct feedback loop can lead to changes that benefit the consumer, aligning offerings more closely with customer needs and preferences.

Exclusive Opportunities: Engaging in surveys can also grant access to exclusive opportunities, such as being the first to try new products or attending special events.

Maximizing Benefits from Customer Surveys

Choosing the Right Surveys: Not all surveys are created equal. Select those that offer the best rewards for the least time investment, prioritizing surveys from reputable companies.

Providing Honest and Thoughtful Feedback: The quality of your feedback matters. Thoughtful, honest responses are more likely to influence change and can enhance the value of your participation to both you and the company.

Participation Strategy: Develop a strategy for survey participation. This might involve dedicating a specific time of day for surveys or using a dedicated email address to manage survey opportunities and rewards.

Potential Pitfalls to Avoid

Time Management: Be mindful of the time spent on surveys. It’s important to balance the potential rewards with other commitments.

Privacy Concerns: Protect your personal information by participating in surveys from reputable sources only and being cautious of sharing sensitive data.

Managing Expectations: Understand that while customer surveys can be a source of rewards, they’re unlikely to replace a full-time income. View them as a supplemental activity.

Top Customer Surveys for Rewards

Here are the top customer satisfaction surveys currently available. Some offer a free coupon, some have a sweepstakes entry. My favorite are the ones that offer a guaranteed reward like a free menu item or a discount coupon. Enjoy!

  1. DQFanFeedback.com – Dairy Queen Feedback Survey – Incentive: Complimentary Dilly Bar. Renowned as a highly favored customer feedback initiative, this survey provides participants with an assured coupon redeemable for a free Dilly Bar at Dairy Queen, without any sweepstakes entry.
  2. JackListens.com – Jack In The Box Feedback Survey – Incentive: Choice of 2 Free Tacos or a Jumbo Jack. This survey ranks highly in popularity, rewarding participants with a coupon for complimentary food items upon finishing, without involving any sweepstakes.
  3. TellCulvers.com – Culver’s Feedback Survey – Incentive: Complimentary Scoop. Sharing your thoughts can earn you a free scoop of Culver’s delicious frozen custard, a treat anyone would enjoy. No sweepstakes involved.
  4. TellAnF.com – Abercrombie & Fitch Feedback Survey – Incentive: $10 Discount Coupon. Keep your recent Abercrombie receipt to transform it into a $10 saving on your upcoming buy! No sweepstakes participation is required.
  5. McDVoice.com – McDonald’s Feedback Survey – Incentive: Complimentary Burger or Egg McMuffin. It’s impossible to compile the top customer feedback surveys without highlighting the iconic golden arches! No sweepstakes involved.
  6. CVSHealthSurvey.com – CVS Pharmacy Feedback Survey – Incentive: Opportunity to Win $1,000! Introducing our list’s inaugural sweepstakes-focused survey. Provide your feedback to CVS for a chance to secure a splendid $1,000 cash prize!
  7. TellTheBell.com – Taco Bell Feedback Survey – Incentive: Opportunity to Win $500! This survey was among my initial experiences with customer feedback opportunities. Entry into the sweepstakes doesn’t require a purchase if submitted by mail, however, online entries through the survey necessitate a recent receipt for participation.
  8. SurveySDM.com – Shoppers Drug Mart Feedback Survey – Incentive: Opportunity to Win a $1,000 Gift Card. This survey also features a sweepstakes, specifically catering to a Canadian audience, so it might be unfamiliar to those from the United States.
  9. WhiteCastle.com/Survey – White Castle Feedback Survey – Incentive: Complimentary Sliders. Imagine exchanging your opinions for FREE White Castle Sliders – an irresistible offer for many! This is a sure win, with no sweepstakes involved.
  10. MyCfaVisit.com – Chick-fil-A Feedback Survey – Incentive: Complimentary Chicken Sandwich. Secure a win without any sweepstakes – just share your thoughts and enjoy a free chicken sandwich!
  11. FirehouseListens.com – Firehouse Subs Feedback Survey – Incentive: Opportunity to Win $500. Dive into another sweepstakes survey without a guaranteed prize. Share your feedback for a chance to secure a nifty $500!
  12. MyBkExperience.com – Burger King Feedback Survey – Incentive: Complimentary Whopper or Chicken Sandwich. With no sweepstakes involved, enjoy a sure victory. Claim your free sandwich today!
  13. PolloListens.com – Pollo Tropical Feedback Survey – Incentive: Discount Voucher. This survey offers a unique reward, subject to variation, but recently it was a $2 discount on your subsequent purchase. A sure win without any sweepstakes.
  14. MyWawaVisit.com – Wawa Feedback Survey – Incentive: Opportunity to Win a $25 Gift Card. Participate in a modest sweepstakes without a guaranteed prize. With a smaller reward on offer, your odds of winning might be better. Share your thoughts for a chance to win!
  15. YourKFC.co.uk – KFC UK Feedback Survey – Incentive: Discount Voucher for Your Next Visit. This survey is tailored for the UK audience, so those in the States might skip this one. However, it’s important to acknowledge our friends in the UK!
  16. TellPopeyes.com – Popeyes Feedback Survey – Incentive: Complimentary 2-piece Chicken and Biscuit. Everyone enjoys Popeyes chicken, right? This survey comes with a guaranteed reward, with no sweepstakes involved. Share your feedback and enjoy some free chicken!
  17. TalkToWendys.com – Wendy’s Feedback Survey – Incentive: Complimentary Burger or Chicken Sandwich. Craving a delicious Wendy’s burger? Secure this guaranteed reward without entering any sweepstakes. Claim yours today!
  18. Lowes.com/Survey – Lowe’s Feedback Survey – Incentive: Opportunity to Win $500. Engage in this sweepstakes by sharing your thoughts with Lowe’s for a chance to win a monthly grand prize of $500!
  19. KrispyKremeListens.com – rispy Kreme Feedback Survey – Incentive: Complimentary Doughnut. There’s nothing quite like a Krispy Kreme doughnut, if you ask me! With no sweepstakes involved, this is a sure win. Head over and claim your treat!
  20. KohlsFeedback.com – Kohl’s Feedback Survey – Incentive: To Be Determined. This survey presents a bit of a mystery; while rewards have been provided in the past, current details on incentives are elusive. There may or may not be a reward available at this time. Nonetheless, it remains a highly participated survey worth exploring!


Customer surveys offer a unique opportunity for consumers to directly influence the products and services they use while earning rewards. By participating in these surveys, not only do you gain tangible benefits, but you also contribute to the improvement and innovation of offerings in the marketplace. It’s a simple yet impactful way to have your voice heard.

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