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Complete the CVS Health Survey (, and receive a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize from CVS! No purchase required. Must be 18 or older to enter. Entries are limited to one person per day, with or without receipt.
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Survey RewardA chance to win a $1,000 cash prize
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid For7 Days

Do you shop at CVS and have a few thoughts to share? Well, here’s some awesome news! CVS wants to hear what you think about their store and services. And guess what? They’re giving you a chance to win some cool cash just for sharing your opinion at!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the Website: Go to
  2. Fill Out the Survey: It’s super easy and quick! Just answer some questions about your recent visit to CVS.
  3. Enter the Sweepstakes: Once you’re done with the survey, you’ll have a chance to enter a sweepstakes to win $1,000! Yep, that’s right, a grand just for sharing your thoughts!

Things to Remember:

  • Age Limit: Make sure you’re 18 or older. If you’re not, maybe ask an adult family member to take the survey for you!
  • Entry Limit: You can only enter once a day. So, if you want to increase your chances, come back tomorrow and share more thoughts!
  • No Need to Buy Anything: You can still share your thoughts and enter the sweepstakes even if you haven’t bought anything. All you need is your opinion!

So, why wait? Share your CVS experience and grab your chance to win some extra cash. Good luck to everyone, and happy sharing!

Survey Tips & Tricks

  1. After completing the survey, be sure to enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win
  2. No survey invitation? Just go there and buy something cheap, save the receipt – poof, you now have a valid survey invitation
  3. Entries are limited to one person per day
  4. Other than once per day, it appears there’s no limit to how many times you can enter the sweepstakes

Other Coupons & Deals

CVS is currently offering a rewards program for loyal customers. Check out the CVS Rewards page for more information on that.

About is a website where CVS gathers feedback from its customers. By using the survey, CVS aims to understand shoppers’ experiences and opinions better. As a thank you for taking the time to provide feedback, participants have a chance to win a $1,000 cash prize. This way, CVS not only gets valuable insights to improve their stores and services but also offers a fun incentive for customers to share their thoughts!

39 thoughts on “”

  1. Anna at Chalfont CVS is always cheerful, helpful and a sincere pleasure to interact with. She is a confident person with whom I enjoy interacting.

    Survey ID 54273126943491488 and 8681 4092 5768 92821

  2. Anna at Chalfont CVS is always cheerful, helpful and a sincere pleasure to interact with. She is a confident person with whom I enjoy interacting.

  3. I want to tell you how wonderfully your Manager, Sinem, at the CVS store in McLean, VA 22101 handled a problem I had with the CarePass. I wanted to cancel the Care Pass that I was getting charged $5.00 every month. When I signed up, the person at the counter told me it was so easy to cancel, and I could cancel anytime. I spent three different times trying to cancel with no help. By email, they said I had to pay $14.95 for a certified Letter- NO I am not.
    On August10, 2023, I went to your store in McLean and asked for a manager. Sinem called the same number I had been calling and had to wait -as I did for about 15 minutes. Then we gave them my name, telephone, email and the person still asked questions like who else had this number, who lived with me, and for how long and what was their name. NO, No, NO, only me with this email. Sinem stayed with them, now about 30 minutes they put her on hold. I finally said ” I am leaving the country and there is NO CVS in Germany”. Finally they said they would cancel the CarePass which I hadn’t used in 3 months. Sinema was extremely patient with both me and the CVS people on the phone She deserves a raise–which I hope you do and end CarePass.

  4. Patricia Martino-Shapiro

    I tried to complete the survey but the system would not let me enter any information.
    The survey ID# is 6336 6486 3683 546 75. Edmond is always very friendly and helpful.He comes to my rescue with any problems or questions I have. I would rate him #10 in any area you may request a rating. You are very fortunate to have him as an employee

  5. Magnolia Elliott

    I love coming in your 24hr store in Peekskill Doesn’t matter the time of night the sale associate Christine is always happy and willing to help and go an extra mile to find an item when I can’t find it on the shelf amazing workers you have.

  6. Excelente el trato que recibo en mi Farmacia CVS , a cualquier hora del día la atención es súper me tratan como familia, en especial las chicas de la farmacia…..
    Gracias por tan buen servicio

  7. I love this pharmacy. They are awesome and get your prescriptions fast. The Pharmacists are very good at doing their job.I appreciate their job. Keep doing a good job.

  8. Janalice Druilhet

    Unless you add personal in your pharmacy in Target at Ambassador Caffery and Kaliste Saloom in Lafayette Louisiana, I will transfer my prescriptions to another pharmacy where they are staffed adequately to serve their customers

  9. Michael E Beyer

    Your survey is bullshit. Entered the suryey number they didn’t accept it, tried it again still didn’t work. Screw you. Your pharmacy at 1010 N Pepper ,Colton, Ca. is the worst pharmacy I have ever been to. Took 20 minutes to find my perscription. Am going to Rite Aid.

  10. Araceli Tirado

    El día Domingo fui como tantas veces a CVS de Valley Springs ca y desgraciadamente estaba el managuer Austin o algo asi es que se llama yo creo de malas y me a tocado muchas veces encontrarme con el ya que soy cliente frecuente, yo me considero una persona amable y trato de sonreírle a todo mundo y aunque el nunca a tratado de regresarme la sonrisa el Domingo si me hizo sentir fatal ya que al salir el estaba parado junto a la puerta y al yo pasar junto de él le dije thanks y lejos de contestarme se hizo para atrás de una forma como repugnante y la verdad que me senti mal al ser yo discapacitada pues no se si le cause yo asco o que pasa pero como no hablo inglés no me puedo dirigir a el para poder preguntarle y le molesta mi presencia o que pasa por que el es así con migo si es por mi amputación o es el hecho de ser Mexicana? Por que solo el es asi de ahí en adelante los de más empleados me tratan de maravilla en especial las 2 mujeres que hablan español siempre me tratan de ayudar muy amablemente, Pienso volver a ir pero no creo poder tolerar que el se porte de esa manera con migo y creo que voy a ver que hacer acerca de este comportamiento por que si es racismo no se vale y no lo pienso tolerar.

  11. Salvador Ostrea

    Your employee HaniFa of CVS Treasure Island vegas is such an angel today. I appreciate the good customer service she provided as shes so helpful to tourist like me. Diligently assisted me to set the 3number lock combination of the Swiss gear I purchased. So kind and hardworking. Keep up the good work

  12. Thuy was very helpful today. She assisted me on my prescription which gave me a big discount using a coupon I downloaded on the website. Thank you for your assistance! 5 stars to you!

  13. Fekede at CVS on w.Broad Falls Church VA was very helpful today. He went above and beyond to make sure I got my purchase sorted out properly.

  14. Nancy at the Manning South Carolina CVS was very courteous and helpful to me today. I had a problem with the photo processing and she took care of it for me.I visit this CVS a few times a month and she is always helpful and polite. I appreciate her efforts to take care of customers and she does it in a timely manner.

  15. I just picked up my medication at London, CVS. Curt was kind, very efficient, pleasant, and professional in making sure my order was correct and speedy. 5 stars to Curt!!!!

    Teresa Gray

  16. Soledad J. Villanueva

    Customer service from Christina and Yana are superb.
    They are so approachable and very easy to approach. Always there if needed by customers.

  17. Johnny Patrick

    They keep filling prescriptions I don’t take. I talk to the pharmacy not to fill them but when somebody picks up my other prescription they give them the one’s I don’t need this has cost me money.

  18. Disgusted Customer

    How do you justify asking for credit card info and a charge of $1.98 on the page for sign up.
    CVS has installed the machines for consumers for self checkout and decreased associates.
    The machines always have glitches. It always requires additional time.
    I think CVS is focused on greed not on customer service, as then exemplified by the ridiculous requirements to fill out a survey

  19. I just want to let you know that Deborah in Yucaipa is extremely helpful, polite and efficient.
    I actually left the store feeling better than when I walked in. That doesn’t happen often.

  20. El 25 de Abril hize una compra de $592 pague con tarjeta de débito aparentemente en ese momento no se pudo realizar la tranasaccion entonces Page en efectivo mi sorpresa que me doy cuenta que la transacción si se realizo, pague doble.
    Quisiera me hagan la devolucion de los $592 que me cobraron dos veces

  21. I will never go to the CVS on US1 in Fort Pierce. Rude and inconsiderate pharmacy worker. As well poor costumer service at the register.

  22. I belong to your care pass club and my payment date is the 14th of each month and today to went in to shop and they said I didn’t have the 10dollars. I didn’t use March so I should have had till the 14th of April. Yes or no?

  23. I shop at the CVS at 2701 Stirling Rd. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Your pharmacy rep Dina was so helpful to me today. I needed some eye drops due to pink eye and she went and got them for me, although they were over the counter. Also the management there is great. I took the survey but did not see where to put the survey ID# 19661163878126973

  24. Cashier could not speak English. Gave her my coupon with the merchandise. When checking out I asked her if the valid coupon was used, she shook her head yes. I did not get my discount. WHY do you have employees dealing with the public if they can’t communicate with a customer?

  25. Sales agent at payment counter,
    Service was 1st class.
    3510 3482 2522 3490 43
    Her name…Michelle
    Am a foreigner senior .
    She was very clear in explaining and took time to service.
    Hats off.
    Thank you

  26. pharmacy does not post drive-up hours
    pharm clerk rude and argumentative
    ordered non child proof caps; disregarded
    r/x label attached to lid of r/x bottle; had to remove label in order to open vial.
    asked for Diclofenac to be refilled; pharmacist ignored the request. made two trips to try to pick up r/x to no avail.
    one order issued by hospital before or around noon; order not filled by 600 pm. had to make 2 trips to pharmacy

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