Free Stuff For Taking Surveys?


Did you know you could get free discounts at your favorite stores and restaurants, just for telling them what you think about their service?

Many of them require you to have recently visited and saved the receipt, but it’s still well worth the time it takes to give them your opinion.

Example – Burger King (Free Whopper)

Did you know that you can simply fill out a quick Burger King Survey and get a free whopper or chicken sandwich? 

Also, there’s no limit to how many times you can do this.

The only catch is you need to have a recent receipt from Burger King with the survey code and url printed on it ( 

They All Do It 

Burger King is not alone. Almost every well known store and restaurant offers this opportunity to save money.

Here are a few others for your reference:

  • MdDonald’s – Probably one of the most popular food surveys is They are currently offering a BOGO sandwich coupon just for taking their short survey.
  • Dairy Queen – Who doesn’t love a little Dairy Queen? Complete the Dairy Queen Survey by visiting and get a free dilly bar.
  • Pollo Tropical – Maybe less popular than McDonald’s, but still a very popular restaurant. They are offering a free discount coupon to anyone who’s eligible to fill out their survey.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart – You may or may not have one of these stores in your area, but the fact is they are a popular store. They are offering a chance to win a $1,000 gift card for filling out their survey. Check it out!
  • Jack In The Box – Who doesn’t love a tasty meal from Jack In The Box? If you fill out their survey at you will receive a coupon for 2 free tacos!

So if you’re a cheapskate like me and love saving money, take advantage of these surveys to get free stuff.

If you haven’t visited one of these places recently, just go buy something cheap, then use the receipt to fill out the survey and get your prize!

8 thoughts on “Free Stuff For Taking Surveys?”

  1. Popeyes chicken online survey ha they or can’t or won’t let you di the survey unavailable at this time blah blah by the time its up the two days is gone and will not give you a direct answer they but a useless rewards on account but don’t go there two offen but thats my complaint but we all know it’s pointless

  2. Wendy’s on Livernoise and Ewald Cr. Only has to workers and. It’s 11:57 at night address 14001 Garry Mahone such a good worker and very. Polite but who. Ever is in charge of scheduling should be fired due to lack of experience maken a schedule 2 people that’s sorry every other fast food. Spots has plenty of people

  3. I love your food which is why I eat there regularly either once or twice at least 5 days a week I do not mind eating the same Burger repeatedly because I love it. All your employees have a great attitude. thank you

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