How To Make $500/month With Online Surveys

Alright, brace yourselves because I’m about to spill the tea on making some extra moolah— up to $500 per month, to be precise—by taking online surveys.

So here’s the story: A few years back, my wallet was a sad, empty place and I decided to dive into the murky waters of online surveys.

Now, let me tell you, I dove in head-first and subscribed to like a gazillion survey sites. Guess what? Most of them were total duds! I’m talking about hour-long surveys that tossed me a nickel, spammy emails flooding my inbox, and the worst of the worst – those that claimed to pay in “dollars” but actually paid in Monopoly money or something.

But lo and behold, after trudging through the mud, I found a few shiny diamonds in the rough. These precious few actually helped me rake in some cash, which was sweet!

Though my survey-taking frenzy has cooled down, I still do a few surveys now and then to fund my sushi nights and holiday shopping sprees.

And, listen up: I won’t be stuffing this post with a million links just to make a quick buck. We’re going to keep this real, focusing on a few solid options that could net you up to $500/month.

Ready? Let’s do this!

How to Hustle $500/Month Through Online Surveys: A Step-by-Step Guide

Real talk:

  1. You gotta put in the work to see the green.
  2. Dabbling here and there ain’t gonna cut it.
  3. Commit to a survey schedule and stick to it like glue.

Got it? Let’s roll!

1. Swagbucks Gold Surveys: The Golden Goose

First things first, click here to grab a sweet $5 bonus just for signing up. Oh, and guess what? They’re giving a $10 signup bonus right now!

It’s totally free to join, so hustle over and get started.

Logged in? Cool. Kick things off by activating your daily goal meter. It’s gonna help you stay on track.

Now, check out your “To-Do List” on the left. Trust me, it’s worth it.

Now, hit “Answer” and sort the surveys by what pays the most. Spoiler alert: more money usually means more time.

I’d say block out a couple of hours daily if you’re eyeing that $500. And the cherry on top? You can do this lounging on your couch binge-watching your favorite show!

Bonus tip: Use Swagbucks’ search engine for some extra Swagbucks.

2. Vindale Research: Your Daily Bread

Vindale’s daily studies are the bomb. Each one pays around $0.75 – $1.25, and you can take them up to 10 times a day. Just the daily studies alone can net you a cool $25/day.

Jump aboard Vindale Research here.

3. SurveyJunkie: Straight to Surveys

SurveyJunkie is up next. This site is all about surveys, no distractions.

Sign up here, grab 25 points, fill out your profile for another 50, and then jump into the high paying surveys. The payoffs can be big, so don’t skip this one!

4. Inbox Dollars: Oldie but Goldie

Last, but not least, check out Inbox Dollars. It’s got history (it was my first legit survey site) and it’s got variety.

Use this link to join and you’ll get an extra $5 to kickstart your journey.

Once you’re in, you’ll see that Inbox Dollars has a bunch of stuff to do. It’s kinda like Swagbucks’ cousin – plenty of ways to earn.

Start by hitting up the surveys tab ASAP, because let me tell you, the juicy ones get snapped up quick.

After you’ve given the surveys your best shot, click on that search bar up top and try your luck with some searches.

And voila! There you have it, folks.

That’s the insider scoop on how to pocket a sweet $500/month just by taking online surveys.

But let me hit you with a reality check: you’ve gotta hustle. Committing a measly couple of hours a week won’t make it rain. But if that’s all the time you’ve got, give it a whirl anyway. You might not hit the $500 mark, but hey, $100-$200 for just a little effort ain’t half bad.

Go on, give your couch-potato self a money-making upgrade. Good luck, and may the survey odds be ever in your favor!

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