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Complete the Jack Listens survey (jacklistens.com), and receive a coupon for 2 FREE tacos, or BOGO offer (reward varies, check your receipt), redeemable upon your next visit to Jack In The Box! Previous purchase required. Must have a recent receipt with survey invitation. The receipt is valid for 3 days after purchase. The coupon is valid for 7 days.
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80 thoughts on “JackListens.com – Jack In The Box Survey (2 FREE TACOS)”

  1. Deere McKenzie

    Terrible food quality!! Yesterday I bought 2 sandwiches for $14.11. Terrible value for the money. A Jumbo Jack on Sourdough and a Chicken Club on Sourdough. $14.11.!!
    The food quality has diminished So Much from when this location opened. Due to cost cutting and time saving? Both of these sandwiches were made with cheap ingredients and tasted like mass produced institutional food. Jack in the Box used to be great and worth going out of your way. Not anymore. As poor as McDonald’s. I won’t go back.
    date of service: 6 25, 2019. 14 digit code: 273 159 408 881 15 time: 13.02
    Port Angeles, WA 98362

    1. I was not to happy when the lady said that the triple cheeseburger special was gone. But yet the commercial ontv remains. What’s up with that.?

  2. Yadira Rodriguez

    It’s morning on 4th of July, we are traveling and we stop for breakfast before heading out, our breakfast was bad, out of our 30 dollars order 20 dollars worth we didn’t like, very upset about it, we asked for ketchup they didn’t give us any, our eggs were rubbery, just not happy about it, we ended up being hungry!

  3. I received a text about cheesecake being a dollar I went to my nearest Jack-in-the-Box and they said they didn’t receive an email about the special but when I I saw the locations that were participating in the promo that location was part of it . Please be more organized next time when you have a promotion

  4. Suzette Armijo

    I just got back from jack in the box/Whittier ,.ca and I am so disappointed. I ordered a bbq double bacon cheeseburger and when I unwrapped it I was shocked. The supposed hamburger patties were like two dried out super thin wafers. I have never seen such a thing on any burger from anywhere in my life. I even took pictures and I’ve never done that either. This jack in the box has been going down hill for a while. Their drive thru asphalt was falling apart with a huge chunk missing. It was very sad. I guess its time to stop going there for good. Actually I was so disappointed with my food I may never go back to any jack in the box.

  5. Suzette Armijo

    I just wanted to add some info for my previous comment.

    Drive thru #122
    Emp: Evette
    And the total for my order was $18.90

  6. We waited in line for 30 minutes at the Centerville, TX Jack in the Box with no one in front or behind us. Ridiculous long wait for FAST food. They apologized for the wait but gave no reason.

  7. I’m an employee at Jack in the box in Dayton Texas 77535.the reason i’m contacting you all is because i was being trained to be a Team Leader and it was taken away from me and given to another employee .I also was suppose to get raise I never received either.Then t smy hours have been cut because I don’t want to be in a group chat with other employees.im never rude to the customers.

  8. My curly fries were cold & stale today. The tacos & ores cookie shake I got were excellent. Those curly fries made me wanna barf!! 😑

  9. I wish I could post a picture of my recipe & burger, I asked for a #6 with not ketchup or mustard. In other words, plain. What did I get? A #6 with ketchup and mustard.. uhhh

  10. Your spicy strips were deep fried at least 3xs before giving them to me in the drive thru. They made my stomach hurt. I will never buy those again. Disgusting. I took pictures of the deep brown color & how the breading was off already from being fried so many times.

  11. Benjamin Carrico

    I went to the location at 1242 Hampton Ave, St. Louis, MO 63139. No one answered despite the fact that they were obviously open. I pulled up to the window and watched an employee make a drink while avoiding eye contact or acknowledging that I was there. There was no one else in front of me or behind. They had zero customers and simply ignored that I existed.

    1. Joseph Buckingham

      Went to the Fenton drive thru got excellent service the man was extremely polite and cooperative best service I ever had a jack in the box.i am from belleville Illinois and the employees there are slow as turtles I mean they are terrible in fact I refuse to go back there they give the wrong food cold food you name it. They need to take lessons from Fenton

  12. shawngreen2523@gmail.com

    Store was clean…employees were courteous…food was good and made correctly. Prices are a little high. I don’t eat much fast food …it has all gotten to expensive.
    Went to try to redeem coupon and employees wouldn’t honor the coupon…I will avoid Jack in the box from now on.

  13. Walked into your Beaumont,CA store today. Stood by register a good 2 minutes, no one acknowledged to other members someone was at counter. Simple we will be right with you would have held me in place. Left and walked over to the subway where two employees greeted me. Not sure what is going on but was not happy with the visit. I remember when you opened and were fighting for business, lifetime discount card that you no longer accepted after business picked up. We have choices and have elected to just drive by this one for a while. Keep the customer informed and you keep the customer.

  14. My comment about this one particular Jack in the Box is not a good comment I would like to say that they made my order incorrectly the whole order was expensive and on top of that they gave me a duplicate receipt that doesn’t have any information on it whatsoever however the number on the receipt does not work and the phone number to Strings and rang and rang and rang no one picks up the phone

    1. ShaVonda. Don’t give up! Go online the # for the Corporate office is listed, and there is a live person to assist. Brief them on your complaint, they will reach out for a district manager to contact you. It works. I used it two months ago. The district manager investigated and handled the situation. I was very pleased the the resolution. I visited Jack on yesterday. I was not pleased with my order. I asked for a refund and the manager didn’t want to give me the original receipt back. I asked her to let me take a picture of it, when I hand it back to her, she snatched it and slammed the window almost caught my fingers! I called to make the survey and it was rejected because they called and validated the 14 digits so that it would void me out! They play entirely too much. I wish that I can get a refund on my time!

  15. Went to the Fountain Colorado store, whomever was working drive thru (young girl) was extremely rude. I understand you’re tired and wanna go home it’s late. However as a server I’ve never felt so disrespected. I know youre not McDonalds but like heard of manners much.

  16. On 7/26/19 around 7:30 PM. My husband stopped at the Jacks in Fultondale and purchased the 8 piece chicken meal. The entire meal was old and the chicken was cooked to long. There was chicken left over and I was getting ready to put the rest in the fridge a roach crawled out from the bottom of the bag. I am very angry. I called and spoke to the manager and was told there was nothing that could be done since it was purchased last night. It was to late for us to do anything last night. We do not live in the area. We live all the way in Trafford AL. My husband doesn’t see well at night and is more familiar with Fultondale than he is in Pinson and Fultondale is on his way home from his job. We are very upset at how we have been treated about finding a roach crawling out of the bag. Serving us old food is one thing but a roach is just to much to ask a customer to deal with and then to be told nothing can be done on top of that and not even apologize. This is to much and is completely unacceptable. My husband works in Homewood behind your main office there. We are appalled at the service we have received and how we have been disrespected by the manager not seeming to care about her customers. I think a call to the health department is in order, we all got sick from eating what was called food Rebekah Fitts

  17. Genesis Morales

    my visit this past saturday is definitely the last one to jack in the box, they’ve messed up my order so many times, and this last time they completely forgot to put my onion rings, when you go drive thru you expect good fast service, ive always checked the bag before leaving the window and the one time i didnt, i missed something, lost my money and definitely wont lose more

  18. Went to Jack in the Box on South Main In Salinas CA and has a bad experience with the cashier Steph. She ignored me twice during two different occasions while I waited at the register. Was having a conversation with a gentleman in the dining room that keep her busy from taking an order and when asked she said, ‘WAIT’ and continued while the Drive thru cashier had to assist us. She needs to put more effort in her job. K

  19. George Johnson

    Tried to take Survey for buy one get one free jumbo Jack and it said my 14 digit receipt was invalid.
    I just got receipt 12 hrs before calling Survey.
    Won’t waste my time Jack in the the Rip off.read all the reviews and for sure my last stop there ever.

  20. Hi
    I live close to JIB #414 in Pleasant Hill CA. I go there quite often about 2-3 times a week.
    In the past 2 weeks i have ordered an iced tea with lemon and was told that they “were out of lemon!!”
    Which i find it very hard to believe.
    Then also last week….same visit…i ordered a chicken fajita pita…and they told me they were OUT of those!!!
    Today …Aug. 5th i went to get lunch on my lunch break and an ice tea with lemon….and was told AGAIN….they are out of lemons!!! Its a very hot day and it made me very upset! When i got to the window to pay i asked are the lemons just not cut up? And the young man told me to wait and sure enough….he brought me some sliced lemons! I am so thankful for him doing this for me. My receipt says a womans name on it….i DO NOT WANT HER TO GET CREDIT FOR THIS kiND ACT…because she was the one that told me they were out of lemons!
    I would like someone above the store mgr to look into this because it happens often! And is very frustrating. Those two other times they told me they were out of lemon i left and went to Mcdonalds where they dont run out of lemon.
    Please investigate this matter
    Thank you very much
    Stacy Rodriguez

  21. Yesterday, Monday August 6, 2019 i ordered 2 Sourdough Breakfast jack Meals with 2 sprites (i was supposed to order 2 orange juice) “thats my fault” but when i got home i opened the bag and there were 2 sourdough jacks and 2 hashbrowns. Not what i ordered.
    I went back to jack in the box that same day August 5, 2019 and told them they made my order wrong, they asked for the recipe, not remembering where the recipe was (thought i left it at home), when in fact it was in my pocket ” short term memory
    🤦🏽‍♂️ ” nothing could be done i went home.

    I went back today August 6, 2019 , told the clerk what had happened…
    Waited longeeeeeeeer than expected. But i got my 2 sourdough breakfast jacks ” breakfast jacks with sourdough bread” and hashbrowns.
    And i asked for 2 orange juice (box(s))
    ?Is a Sourdough Jack meal and a Breakfast jack with sourdough bread meal the same price? I wasnt given any price difference in cash and change back.🤷🏽‍♂️

  22. Went to Jack in the box number 451 in Fairfield California. The employee Elizabeth was very rude, made us back up to wait for food in the line, and kept my change. When I asked her why she did that she replied that she wanted to keep her customer time down. Very bad experience.

  23. On Monday morning at 0142 I stopped at a jack in the box in rancho Cucamonga CA, store#107, I got some tacos, same thing I always get to eat on my commute home from work at least 4-5 times a month, when I drove away I reached in the bag to discover the food was cold so I went back to the window and told the guy, Christian, that the food was cold, he didn’t say anything he just took the bag dropped it in a trash can and walked away from the window, he came back to the window and handed me another bag and I said hey man I’m sorry but they’re really not good cold, he said nothing, just walked away from the window, I reached in the bag and sure enough the Taco’s were like warm at best, I was so mad I didn’t go back I didn’t trust the food to not be tampered with so I though it away and went across the street to McDonald’s, I won’t be going back to that Jack’s ever again.

  24. I can’t give a feedback on my experience at one of your restaurant because a receipt # is required but your employee didn’t give me one I was very disappointed in the service and wait time and inaccurately taking my order the location was across from the dorman center at Westgate SPARTANBURG sc

  25. I went in and ordered a free jumbo jack a chicken sandwich French. And a LG glass of water I never been charged for water before Texans won by two touchdowns had to order a drink you owe me 239 plus tax

  26. Keisharene Santiago

    Ive not heard from my complaint i filed a couple weeks ago to get my refund from store on Ledbetter and lancaster road in Dallas Texas im keisharene santiago 2147232210

  27. At the jack store on pines and freeway I GOT JACKED..
    they charged 39.00 dollars for an ultimate cheeseburger and a sourdough jack with two kids nugget meals… WTF
    Granted they were meals with the sandwiches but shit if i wanted a 10 dollar hamburger with 9 frenchfries i certainly wouldnt go there… Plus they got the order wrong 3 times and i had to go back all three amd i still didnt get one of my kids drinks… ALL AROUND HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE … BAD FOOD BAD SERVICE AND BAD PRICE. Then the manager when i called to ask about the 8 DOLLARS TAX WAS
    L A M E !

  28. Store #123 on Boise JIB#6026

    Half our order in the drive thru…then tried eleven times to call and request correction, and no answer. Although one time the phone did get answered and was hung up immediately. HORRIBLE ETHICS!

  29. The morning team at Jack in the Box #403 on Craig Rd. In Las Vegas are the nicest and friendliest group of people. I grew up in CA with Jack in the Box but now live in Massachusetts without them. I travel to Las Vegas a few times a year and always visit location #403 for my Breakfast Jack fix. Thank you for maintaining such a good team!

  30. I ordered 6 tacos … the first taco I bit down on a bone fragment in taco .. I threw that taco away … the second taco I got a even bigger bone fragment ( something hard and white like in color ). I threw everything away .i told the person at counter and he asked did they have bones in there tacos … anyway I ordered a jumbo jack and frys … it was good … service was friendly and fast …. I will not be ordering no more tacos . Thanks .

  31. I feel stricter grooming standards should be implemented in your stores. The girl at the window today looked like she rolled out of bed and threw on a jack n the box sweater.

    Immediately gave me the impression the food was handled with the same care. It takes no effort to look presentable.

  32. I went to your restaurant in Desloge Missouri 63601 at approximately 11:30. Ordered food for my son and myself. Sriracha curly fry burger munchie meal, 2 large fries and 2 junior bacon cheese burgers. Total 15.92. I pull up to the window and no one was there to greet me right away (not a big deal) I understand sometimes they are very busy. But there wasn’t anyone else there at this time. I sat there for 5-10 minutes watching as one employee (female) played on her phone and was just laughing and having a good old time. Then she’s walking around showing her phone to all the other employees (front and back). And they are laughing and ignoring the fact that I was even there. Finally a different girl came to check me out because by now the first girl has disappeared. Who knows where she went. So anyways this was probably the worst trip I’ve ever had at that Jack in the Box. I didn’t get a receipt and I don’t expect anything replaced when I have no proof I was even there. But the fries were old. The tasted like they had been dropped in the fryer again after sitting under the light for a while. Well I hope this can get resolved because I do eat at this particular place a lot. Thank you.

  33. Good morning, I pass by at 2801 Hillcroft Ave
    Houston, TX 77057
    United States jack in the box, Maria V or B, I don’t remember her last name, She did a fantastic costumer service even tho I did a mistaker, she remake my six tacos all over again without cheese. She just make my day. Jack in the box should keep her.

  34. #109 on W. 7th ave Corsicana Tx 75110 has always been a pleasure to go for food and service. I go at least twice a week. Have eaten at this location for over 40 years. Excellent job!

  35. Santa Paula, Ca Jack In The Box has very rude & childish employees. I called to complaint about my order, I asked kindly no tomatoes on order , and they put tomatoes. Asked to speak to manager on duty, was told there wasnt one on duty an they hung up on me..I called back an they would not answer the phone..

  36. Rene M Zottarella

    It costs about $1 more than it did a month ago for 2 regular tacos and 1 onion ring. The tacos were greasy and not much for lettuce. I asked for ketchup for the or and go only hot sauce.. I used to brag about this location. I won’t be back EVER. Survey wouldn’t accept the time on the receipt, doesn’t matter anyway. Crap all around!!!

  37. Deeann E Smith


  38. survived covid 19 and was craving a burger after several weeks of hospital food. Ordered a jumbo jack which was a sorry sight for the cost. I ended up getting sick from it. Never again will i patronize jack in the box. They do not have your best interest at heart. Thanks JITB for another bad experience following covid.

  39. Nadine Robinson Ross

    On 6/12/2020 my son and granddaughter went to to JITB to get her a chicken sandwich. She wanted her Uncle to take a bite, he told her he doesn’t like the lettuce. So she opened the sandwich lifted a piece of lettuce off and behold a bug on another piece of lettuce. He went back to the JITB and they refunded the money but were not concerned about the bug. Portland OR

  40. Margaret Robinson

    Stopped for lunch about 10:15am on Monday June 15th, 2020. Employee sounded like she was going to die or fall out at any moment. When I got to the window, it was an obese woman leaning on the counter with no mask or gloves making drinks and bagging food. She took and swiped my card and returned it promptly but with no receipt. I ordered the new popcorn chicken single serve original flavor, a Spicy Chicken Combo with curly fries and Dr Pepper. I got regular fries. Don’t know if I was charged because there was no receipt in the bag either. The popcorn chicken was marked as Spicy on the box and they were spicy enough I couldn’t eat them. I don’t want a coupon for tacos or sandwiches. But would like to see workers following CDC Guidelines.

  41. Josie Silguero

    So I did the survey because I went to jack in the box for shakes and I recieved mines with a big hair on my cherry and so the lady took it back and I kid you not she had us park and wait for like ten minutes she brought out the same shake that was melted with fresh whip cream on top and you could see the melted whip cream with no cherry then she ignored me and went back in the building when I called her back! To make it worse after the survey it said a representative was gonna call me but never did ! Awful experience and service 😒

  42. Jack in the box franchise’s why you are not providing to employees masks to cover their face, small business do it. JIB#7139

  43. I bought a shake at jack in the box San Gabriel ,California and was very disappointed. The shake was mainly wiped cream & returned back to get a replacement , was asked to wait awhile for iced cream to be ready or get money back .

  44. I have been to two different locations in the last two weeks, salem and Woodburn Ore. Had good food and great service from both. Had a coupon that the store wasn’t aware of so the worker called the regional manager and they honored their coupon. I will go again.

  45. Let me start by saying Jessica thank you JIB#1520
    She started by saying please have a bit a patient’s I am alone today so in the back of my mind I called bull then I pulled up to the window and realized she was telling the truth. Not only was she cooking but she was also taking orders and handling money doing everything a four main crew should be doing and especially at night at 2:50 in the morning and to top it off having to deal with a blackout in the middle of my order and still have a positive attitude. I must say Jack in the Box better look out cuz I’m coming for your employee I don’t think you guys deserve an A+ employee as dedicated and hardworking as Jessica and I’m hiring FYI

  46. My self and Fiancé have gone to said Jack in the Box # 7154. Said JB has done continuous discrepancies- no extra Bacon when asked for, no fork, very messy manner of putting order together. It just has made us realize that this one JB will not get our business anymore. We will go to a different JB, fiancé like the potato wedges.

  47. Please, Please, bring back your Apple Turnovers, and your Lemon Turnovers. Those pies are to die for! The last time I had one was in the 80’s. Now they are gone but not forgotten. Dallas, TX.

  48. Michael Navarrette

    I’ve been waiting in drive thru a jack in the box for 20 minutes no help and there was another vehicle waiting when I pulled up then it left. Still nothing the whole time I’ve been typing this. Now an associate from jacks came out, I asked him if they were closed and he said they were in the freezer and the headset doesn’t get reception very good in the freezer. They took my order just now and I haven’t received a receipt it’s now 1:51am 09/18/20. So ok I got my food an got a receipt after asking for it and the associate still asked if I wanted it, after just basking for it. JTB#1174 VISIT # 181921

  49. JIB#3366
    So the Manager trys to rush me out the drive thru , saying (what is he waitingfor) very rudely. All i was doing was waiting on a drink they forgot to give. Being almost home i realize they also didn’t give me my sandwich. So having to go back I ask for it made fresh, along with fries that were now cold. N Seen she even got mad about that. Me Still trying to be nice, i didn’t ask to have everything remade.
    Felt uncomfortable and unwelcomed
    8:10 pm

  50. The cashier Matthew is a good cashier and he’s a good Service, the food was really good, and fresh the restaurant Jack in the Box 3554, O love Jack in the Box.

  51. I was visiting my 95 yrs young tia we went to hack in the box store number JIB# 538 on 11/23/2020 at 3:15 pm I really wanted to try the new chili cheese burger combo how disappointed I was first of they had no onions the chili was a spot in the middle of the bun barely covered the middle of the burger no cheese and I ordered onion rings they were all burnt hard as a rock the employees name on my receipt is GUADALUPE I will never eat a JACK IN THE BOX AGAIN VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED

  52. Very bad. The cashier was a terrible listener, we were asking for 3 chicken sandwiches one of them spicy, the rest of them not spicy. She was arguing with us about how spicy chicken sandwiches didn’t come as a combo. And there was literally 3 types of comboses on the menu. Finally she gave us the order and we made the mistake of not checking the food and we left. All the chicken sandwiches were not spicy Eventhought we told her to add spiciness to one of them. She just didn’t listen. Didn’t give us straws or napkings. A disaster. The order number was #183

  53. Bad service at location JIB# 126
    the lady taking orders was in a bad move or something we place and order she was rushing us and she make a angry sound while talking to us we wen to the window and her attitude was horrible and we got ask buy what seems to be a manager and another employee what was our order still got it wrong

  54. JIB # 239 in Lawndale CA
    Ok Jack!!! if you listen ,You know there’s a Pandemic going on RIGHT?
    Your cashiers wear no gloves they take orders take payment and go make fries and bag the food
    And on top of that rude very rude when you ask to put gloves on or wash their hands…..

  55. I stop by Jack-in-the-Box on florin road just to get a snack for my coffee i!!!churros This is my favorite snack from Jack in the box but just work none of the employees were in a face mask????What the fuck they don’t even care about the customer I’m not even eat my churros I don’t want to get coronavirus

  56. Steve Elliott AKA Skydive

    Jack in the Box about 4:45 a.m. was asked to leave and come back in about 5 minutes because Jack in the Box reboots or updates their computer system approximately 2 times during the 4 a.m. hour asked for a mocha asked if I could have caramel in it hot he said yes ordered the breakfast platter got to the window my caramel mocha was iced I told him this was supposed to be hot so he took it back from me and started to pour me a cup of coffee I said that is a caramel mocha right he said oh no we don’t do caramel mochas hot only cold gave me back my cold Carmel mocha( only because I asked him to) got my food home and of course it was cold no straw no napkins I honestly don’t believe it’s just Jack in the Box I’ve had lots of bad experiences at other fast food restaurants I tell you if the founders of said restaurants are dead they’re probably rolling in their damn Graves because nobody’s following protocol…. I understand Jack in the Box drive up speaker really kind of suck everything is all kind of echoey but it seems to me they always have been so fix the damn things already get back to the basics train people the way The Founders originally decided on the training process and the protocols they had set forth and life might be much much better experience.

  57. My husband stopped by Jack in the Box in Arnold Missouri When he got off work .Went Through The drive-thru orderd fries onion rings ,Tacos and the 6 jalapenos peppers the Jalapeno peppers was hard as a brick I mean you would bite into it and they would crumble in your mouth Very dried out .I tried to callI was already in my pajamas for bed They wouldn’t answer so I took them down there went up to the window The lady says we’re closed I said Yeah well my husband just drove through here and got these and they’re hard as a brick okay do you want another six I can fry them up for you So that’s what she did .That was my time having to drive back down there.Quite a bad a experience there they need to get their s*** together

  58. Michael Parten

    Since when is paying with change wrong, isn’t money-money? I payed for my burgers ($3.97) with with quarters, and felt rather intimidated when after I gave the associate at the drive through the change, he turned to his associate, showed him the changr, and said “do you believe this.. ”
    I was taken back, took my food and left. I am very up set by the treatment I received. No excuse to be mistreated this way….

  59. Brittney Montgomery

    They didn’t give me my receipt and parked me for tacos. They only brought me half. No biggie but I got the 3rd degree when I returned for the other half of the tacos because I didn’t have the receipt. They parked me YET AGAIN. For 8 freaking tacos. JIB 8344 Order 159. They gave me a reprint after I pulled it up on my bank statement and this one didn’t have the survey code.

  60. If I spend $15+ dollars at your restaurant why do I have to pay an extra .27 cents for 1 sauce just because I did not purchase something to dip into sauce. Your system should be based on dollar amount and not oh well you didn’t buy anything to dip into sauce!!!

  61. Me, my sister & our 80 yr old mom went to JIB #7120, Hillsboro, Oregon for dinner at 8:39 pm. (Drive thru). Well to start out with the prices are outrageous. But the food was, well none of us could chew it. My sister got the 3 egg rolls burnt to a crisp and just holding 1 up drained about 1/8 of a cup of very old oil, her curly fries burnt & couldn’t chew them. Mom & I got the same kind of meal, Buttery jack with choc shake, the hamburger very old , spoiled couldn’t chew, just down right nasty. I can guarantee we will NEVER go back to any JIB.. Receipt #142584

  62. How can I order online or through the app if your app requires an email verification but the damn app won’t send the email verification to my email?

  63. I purchased a combo #2 add bacon and pickles, git charged for the extras and never got them, i called and they offer to go and get it rigth, like if so easy to go back1o miles and park again a 18wheeler in the middle of the street does not sound fair i want my refund

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