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Your Opinions Matter

Your opinions help create better customer service and experiences in the future.

Timely Feedback

Your timely feedback is important to have your recent visit fresh in your mind.

Get Rewarded

Get rewarded for your opinions. Reward varies, see your receipt for details.

Survey Details:
This survey is offered to recent customers with a valid receipt. The survey reward may change at any time. Upon completing the survey, if applicable, be sure to write down the survey code in the space provided to get your free reward. – McDonald’s Survey (FREE COUPON)

McDonald’s is looking for your valuable feedback! In return for your opinions, you can get a free discount coupon good for your next visit.

All you need to do is visit and give them your honest opinions about your last visit. For your reward, you will receive a discount coupon good towards your next visit to McDonald’s.

How To Complete The McDVoice Survey

To complete the survey and receive the offer printed on your receipt, you will need to have a recent receipt from McDonald’s in hand.

  • Step 1: Have your McDonald’s receipt or survey invitation handy, and be willing to give your honest opinions and feedback to McDVoice
  • Step 2: To start the survey, visit and enter your 26 digit survey code in the space provided
  • Step 3:  If no 26 digit code is printed on your receipt, click link in the lower right under receipt picture
  • Step 4: Complete the survey questions with your honest opinions, and don’t forget to write down the code to redeem your discount on your next visit to McDonald’s

Tips & Tricks for Survey

At the end of the survey, be sure to write down the validation code provided to redeem your discount.

If you forget to write down the validation code, you will not be able to receive the discount offer at McDonald’s.

You can complete the survey up to 5 times per month. The coupon limit per person per visit is 1. So basically you can do this up to 5 times per month.

Survey NameMcDVoice
PrizeDiscount Coupon
Receipt Valid7 Days
Survey Valid30 Days
Survey Limit5 per person, per month
Coupon Limit1 coupon per person, per visit

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15 thoughts on “ – McDonald’s Survey (FREE COUPON)”

  1. Hi there, I have to say, my visit was pleasant even though I had changed my mind 2 – 3 times, the young lady taking my order stayed calm and nice, the only thing I wish about the visit, is that I got her name.

  2. I was informed today that I can redeem my coupon only at the store where I purchased the meal I completed the survey for. Is this correct? I did not find this restriction in the survey program rules. This is the first time this has been questioned. The location of the store who informed me of this restriction was in Milwaukie, OR. 8151 SE Lamphiier, 97222. This has never been questioned by any other location.

    1. I got the same response from a McDonalds in Ocala, FL. They would only honor the promo if it was issued by the same store. However, other stores in the area would accept the promo, even out of state.

  3. The Mc Donald’s that I go to is right across the street from my house… They are usually pretty nice but they have given me orders that is not the same as my order… I will then call and when you call they don’t ever answer the phone… Then it will go to a fax machine noise… I am frustrated because they never fix it for me… most restaurants give you a free meal or a drink or something but not Mc Donald’s in Spring Lake Park Mn… Sincerely SherryP

    1. Why not have a grilled home fry grinder for your breakfast menu. Footlong grinder filled with homefries with bacon bits or hamburger crumbles. Could have melted cheese, ketchup or hot sauce. Why do you have to go to a diner to get homefries. Everybody loves homefries, a real winner for McDonald’s.

  4. I went to my favorite McDonalds – Store # 11383 on Rt. 200 in Marion County, FL around 8:15 pm a few weeks ago, after having traveled to Georgia to visit friends. I filled out the survey receipt that I received in Georgia and handed it to the staff associate at the McDonalds in Marion County, Florida. The associate read the promo from the Georgia McD store, which said “Buy one sandwich, get one free”. (I asked for a fillet-o-fish sandwich).The associate did not know what to do, so took the promo receipt to the Asst. Mgr., who told me I could not get this promo, since their store only accepted “THEIR OWN” promo which was “Buy one egg McMuffin or Qtr Pounder, get one free”. I said I had been to Georgia and that, in the past, all McDonalds honor any McDonald’s promo receipt, regardless of what state it was in. She said she would not honor it and walked away. I stood there, and after several minutes, she came back & said she would call her Store Mgr on the phone. She came back to me, and said her Store Mgr was not available by phone, and so she would NOT HONOR the promo. I continued to wait at the counter, saying that other McDonalds would accept promo receipts, even if they were not from the same store or location. Again, she walked away and made me wait at the counter for several more minutes. So I had now been waiting over 15 minutes total. She again tried to phone her Store Mgr, but got no answer, and by this time she was yelling at me that she would not honor the promo receipt. I continued to wait at the counter, while she walked away for the 3rd time. Finally, after 20 total minutes, she said she would “do me a favor” and honor it “just this ONE TIME”, but never again. Afterwards, I filled out the Survey, explaining the poor treatment and lack of service I received & asked for someone to call me, but never got a phone call from anyone at McDonalds. Barbara H.

  5. We play bingo McDonald’s on Tuesday the one at 21th tower in superior wisc . Robin the one who does it does a great job. It gives us seniors a place to go. I wish that the other employees were king like . Some of the employees are always angry. Thanks

  6. Sandy Marie Collins

    I McDonalds frequently and various McDonalds. This visit was #21777. A disappointing visit. The tea was fresh however, the fish was cold, hard and Positively had been sitting past the time it should be befire serving. You either nuked it, dropped and refried or it lived under a light. Either way not a pleasant visit. Since I went to the drive through and was already on the highway approaching the interstate when we discovered this unsavory serving, I felt the need to share my experience.
    Unhappy recipent of di s tasteful food

  7. McDonalds has an exceptional employee at your Wheeling WV restaurant on Kruger Street!

    Hannah is not only efficient but she is friendly and pleasant every single morning!

    I appreciate her professional and friendly approach to her work!

    Please let her know that she is doing a great job everyday!

  8. went to the store in Normal ILLinois at 1607 N. Main st. the service was great and the professionalism and attitude of the two employees i dealt with was deeply appreciated……
    Thanks so much

  9. I got a receipt, I tried to get the survey at
    Guess what, I got no code, but DID hetbError message and could go no further. Tried another place, in frustration, saidcagain, enter code, which I did not have, but noticed in small print ” if you do have the Code, click here”. Clicked there. Nothing happened. All this for a Free qtr pounder. Geez. Guys, what kind of site is this?

  10. After getting my drive through order home the fries were cold, and I it was not that long a trip to get home. I wanted to respond to the survey, but the receipt print was so bad I could not get a correct numbers entered to submit my survey.

  11. The staff was very nice and helpful and respectful too. I was very pleased with that. That is what shows a lot about the environment at that store there.

  12. Once upon a time (“back in the day”), I must have had good, hot French fries from McDonald’s, because I continued to get them – often as part of a value meal – decades after they ceased to be good.
    I recall that for quite a while during that time of mediocre fries, the medium and large fries cartons said on the side: ” America’s Favorite Fries.* ” Note the asterisk.
    On the bottom of the cartons was an associated asterisk with this footnote: ” *Based on sales. ” Not taste; not quality.
    That bit of false advertising has since been removed, but it was there for a long time.
    Except for their same price for any size fountain drink, I’m done with McDonald’s.

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