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Pollo Tropical Survey Details

Complete the Pollo Listens survey (pollolistens.com), and receive a coupon for $2 off your next purchase (may vary, check receipt), redeemable upon your next visit to Pollo Tropical! Previous purchase required. Must have a recent receipt with survey invitation. The receipt is valid for 2 days after purchase. The coupon is valid for 30 days.

Survey NamePollo Listens
Survey URLwww.pollolistens.com
Survey RewardCoupon for $2 off next order
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid For2 Days
Coupon Valid For30 Days
Entry Limit1 per person, per receipt

How To Take The Survey

In order to take the PolloListens.com survey and get your reward, you must have a recent receipt from Pollo Tropical available. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Have your Pollo Tropical receipt handy
  2. Visit the online survey site at www.pollolistens.com
  3. Select your desired language (English or Spanish)
  4. Enter the receipt code located in the middle of your receipt
  5. Click the Start button to proceed to the survey
  6. Answer each question as honestly as possible
  7. Be sure to enter your contact information when prompted
  8. Click the final “Submit” button to finalize the survey
  9. Enjoy your FREE food from Pollo Tropical!

About Pollo Tropical

Pollo Tropical is a chain of quick-service restaurants that specializes in Caribbean-style cuisine. The company was founded in 1988 in Miami, Florida, and has since expanded to over 140 locations throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and South America.

Pollo Tropical’s menu features a variety of grilled chicken dishes, including marinated grilled chicken, citrus-marinated grilled chicken, and mojo-roasted chicken. The restaurant also serves sides such as black beans and rice, plantains, and yuca fries, as well as sandwiches, salads, and wraps.

One of the signature items on the Pollo Tropical menu is the TropiChop, a customizable bowl that allows customers to choose a protein, rice, beans, and toppings. Other popular items include the Guava BBQ Riblets, the Caribbean Pork Sandwich, and the Caesar Wrap.

Pollo Tropical has a casual, tropical-themed atmosphere and is known for its bright colors, palm trees, and vibrant decor. The chain also offers catering services for events and parties.

Overall, Pollo Tropical is a popular fast-casual restaurant chain that offers a unique Caribbean-inspired menu and a lively atmosphere.

32 thoughts on “PolloListens.com”

  1. Staff extremely unprofessional from time we pulled up to the drive thru to order as well as once we approached the window! Food was cold and old! Highly disappointed

  2. Michael Regalado

    My bowl of chicken soup that I ordered was missing. The drive-thru employees did not check to make sure all items were in the bag. I paid $5.29 for the soup. Highly disappointed. (Store#10002)

  3. Miguel de la Paz

    Acabo de visitar el restaurante que está en la 142 ave del sw y la 8 st de Miami, me estafaron, nada Que ver lo que yo pedí con lo que anuncian, las mesas sucias , sin salsas , más nunca voy a pollo tropical, antes mi restaurante favorito.

  4. The staff are using the drive up window to serve both walk up Uber Eats deliveries and Customers in their cars. This is unsafe and unprofessional

  5. Luz Fernández

    Ayer estuve en pollo tropical 5415 Fruitville Road Sarasota . la experiencia fue aterradora
    Entre la orden , Ordene medio pollo con arroz blanco y lo sirvieron con arroz amarillo , le dije a la persona que me atendió que habla español que amarillo no ordene y su respuesta fue PUTA MADRE y tiro la comida
    Luego me despacharon otro medio pollo que ordene con arroz brown y estaba vinagre y duro y lo hice cambiar , y también ordene un sándwich sin pepinillo y lo sirvieron con pepinillo .. fue la peor comida y atención que he tenido en este lugar aparte su insulto de mala palabra , creo que esto no se quedará así y pretendo llevar mi queja hasta ser atendida , así me toque publicarlo por todas las redes
    El empleado es 428499 Danielle
    Soy fiel cliente de pollo tropical y nunca antes en otras tiendas me habían atendido de esta manera .. creo que la persona que me atendió no debería de hacer parte de su equipo de trabajo

  6. Luis Hernández

    Hace dos días visité el Store #10019 el cual tuve una linda experiencia en comparación con otros pollo tropicales q ya había visitado, el servicio de la manager Yudelkys y de todos los empleados fue excelente, la comida excelente, cada vez q quiera comer algo me gustaría ir a ese pollo

    1. Muy buen servicio Store 10019 la manager yudelkys tiene muy buena comunicación y muy buen servicio toda la comida excelente le recomiendo a otros clientes por el buen servicio y la comida excelente

  7. Worst Experience Ever !!!!
    Brandon Florida store on Providence Road
    1 person working register and 5 people in the kitchen/drive thru can’t use understaffed excuse still took 1 hour for Tropi Chop bowl and 1 side
    Wrote bad review on here and Yelp and Google Review and Tweeted about it and never a response from anyone way to go leadership team shows how all of them are run WILL NOT RETURN TO ANY STORE BECAUSE OF THIS STORE AND NO RESPONSE !!!!!!!!

  8. STORE # 10120 BRANDON FL33511

  9. Do not go and I repeat do not go to the Pollo in Delray Beach. The drinks are disgusting and they literally rob you of your money with portions they give.

  10. I was here at the Pollo tropical at the North Miami Florida store number 10025 and the service was awful I was waiting for over 25 minutes to get my order they gave me the wrong order the tables are nasty they have not being maintained or clean you have flies all over the place you got one of your associates your cooker today here he’s just walking back and forth and he doesn’t even help nobody agreed anybody and I will tell you this is the worst experience I have

  11. I usually eat at differents Pollo Tropical all over Broward County (Florida) some are friendly some are not. But the WORST is at. 8851 W. Commercial Blvd in Tamarac store 10248. Twice I waited between 45 and 50 minutes in the drive thru!!!!Twice!!! I’m never going there again!!!

  12. 16201 SW 88th St, Miami, FL 33196,
    Es el mejor pollo 🐔 en el que se come los trabajadores son muy buenos y atentos en especial una rubia que se llama liset es la que más trabaja en ese pollo tropical muy buena trabajadores le pedí que se fuera para el restaurante donde yo trabajo y dice a ella le gusta su trabajo

  13. I was disappointed with my drive thru experience. It says pork platter with 2 sides and she charged me separately. I told her it comes with 2 sides and she didn’t know how to do it. So she charged me extra. I have my receipt and what was suppose to be $19 became $25. I now have to go back because she overcharged me.

    1. When this happens you should pay by credit card. That way, you can tell the credit card bank what happened and refuse to pay the overcharge. Or call the manager if you don’t have a credit card. NEVER overpay in cash!

  14. I made an order for 1/4 grilled chicken meal to do a pick at the Hallandale location online but unfortunately I did not realized that my order was at the Aventura location. So when I went to pick up my order the cashier said she did not see the oder. The cashier informed me I have to go to the other location or make a new order so now I was on my lunch break and I was not able to go to the other location even though I told the cashier I have proof to show her the order I made online and it was ready for pick up!!
    Its very sad that they could not give me my order since I already paid for it with my card online. So now I paid for an order that unfortunately I was not able to pick up and Pollo Tropical received free money today, nobody cares anymore, no empathy, very poor Customer Service!!!

  15. Good morning,

    I am writing to you to let you know that after $75.77 dollars that we wasted on the Store 9520 sw 137th Ave Miami, Florida 33186 on Saturday August 15 at 7:34 pm by the employee 41 Order number 939313 ,we are very disappointed with the food. The Order was incomplete, Ordered a whole chicken and got 4 pieces only, the salad was more croutons that lettuce, the fries were old and portion super small, mind you it was the whole chicken combo meal. Ordered 4 kids meal and got only 3. We will never going back to pollo tropical and will make sure to tell people about this experience

  16. I went to complete my survey. Would not let me back on. The location was so nasty! Another customer told me “it is always like this”. The cashier was not at all friendly. The man who made my order acted like who could care less. Actually, I think he for got to add the “meat” in my wrap.
    But, the man by the grill tried to get to help. So, thank you sir.

  17. Alejandro Alvarez

    Store# 10254
    Order 112643. 2/6/2020. 2:41pm
    Employe:Layle (is a Blondy guy)
    Le doy 1 estrella porq no existe una categoría más baja. Visito esta nueva franquicia porq es la más cercana de mi trabajo,pero cada vez que voy tengo una MALA EXPERIENCIA nueva:
    sirven el pollo FRÍO.
    La pieza nunca tiene el peso requerido.
    Sirven el pollo que lleva buen tiempo fuera del grill, por lo que la carne ya se siente como plástico,imposible de comer.
    El frijol negro, no es frijol sino un agua,y yo pago por frijol,no por agua de frijoles.
    La que sirven, NUNCA sirven bien el pedido,siempre falta algo,o confunden el pedido por falta de atención a lo que están haciendo.
    Antier fui y estuve casi 10 minutos parado en la caja esperando porq la empleada terminara de hablar con otra y me tomará la orden.
    Pero hoy si se extralimitaron en la falta de respeto: un empleado llamado Lyle, al cual le pedí un vaso para agua,me dio un cono de papel,le pregunto de que manera puedo llevar el agua a mi mesa, ya que el cono es imposible de pararlo.y me respondió que podía guardar el agua en un lado de la boca,mientras mastico la comida con el otro lado. FALTA DE RESPETO TOTAL.

  18. I couldn’t take the survey offered because I didn’t realize it needed to be done within 2 days. So I will give you honest feedback.
    I have been told several times to try the Grill Master Trio. I finally did on Saturday. What I received in my meal was very good, but I did not receive any black beans and there was very very little shredded steak. The sausage and chicken were delicious as were the sauces chosen. Mango rum and guava bbq? The yellow rice, too, was very flavorful. I only wish I had gotten everything I was supposed to get with my order. I still have my receipt if you should need any proof of purchase.

  19. Rafael Cepeda Jr.

    Please, it seems that there’s a problem with the orders when wings are ordered. It’s everytime that I go there it’s always something. I like your place, but something has to change. I give my order to the kid outside and they should automatically drop the wings in the fryer, so they can start cooking. My food started getting cold while I was waiting for my wings. Sorry about this but it worry me that it’s going to continue and I’ll just go to the other one out west which is a little far for me. Thanks for listening…

  20. 11/22/19 feedback regarding the location at 8975 S Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL 33156. I’ve been coming here for 15+ years, 4 to 5 times per week for lunch, and all of the employees are excellent, especially Anup. However, I am disappointed in a new manager, I think her name is Ogali ( not sure of the spelling). Anup takes excellent care of me, and my 90 year old mother. In the course of doing so today, around 2 PM, this new manager was rude and aggressive to Anup, and made our experience there uncomfortable. There is no need for this type of behaviour, when a long time employee is helping a long time customer, and I hope that you will advise her of how to behave in a friendly and professional manner. Thank you.

  21. Wanted to thank Shivan at store # 10045 for the excellent customer service
    came in late and he took geat care of me. he took his time to give me the best service.
    thank you.

  22. 1) bogus survey, I’m not downloading a stupid app so you can spam me. 2) your POS system blew off my card completely after I accidentally pulled the card too early. Had to pay cash, not a good way to start off the experience… and it’s your fault corporate. This was confirmed by the bank, they accepted the charge, then accepted the reversal, then got no further communications from your system despite 4 more tries. I suggest you figure out why your pos refused to communicate with my bank and fix the snafu. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN.

    1. Store 10055 en 11875 SW 26th Street 33175 me acabo de comer un tropichop que es una ración de kindergarten, una estafa, un robo total que falta de respeto. The tropichop I just got there is a big scam , a robbery, it was like a kindergarten portion. I tried to complete the survey in pollolistens.com and it is also a big scam,you put the code and write nothing, you sent back a message: thanks for your feedbacks already is recorded. Omg wth with you guys?

  23. This was sent back on March 29, I have not heard back from anyone. We loved your product and visit this location at least twice a week. I have not been back to any of your location after this happened. I look forward to speaking to someone within your leadership team.

    Good evening Mr. Taft

    This evening I attempted to purchase dinner for my family at your Delray Beach location on West Atlantic Av. I arrived at this location with my wife around 8:15p. The drive thur was wrapped around the building, I could see inside and only one customer in line. I walked in to find the most associates working the registers three. I was called up by a nice young man who I could tell was new. I order my food being very specific. I order quarter chicken with brown rice and beans, quarter chicken with white rice and beans, and a small tropichop with all the toppings on the side. I could see my tropichop showing all the way so I again asked for the toppings on the side. I had coupon for a free quarter chicken (I had completed a survey on the Linton location which I like but it’s further away from my home) now the young man did not know what to do that was ok I understand he needs to learn the process. So he asked another young man who took it to your manger (he final come out and input the coupon to take off the cost) I paid cash 11.11. At this point I was handed my reciept and I advised this order is too go it was for dining in. I also asked to make sure the staff knows to make my order to go and the tropichop with all toppings on the side. At this point a young lady took my reciept and wrote the directions for the staff and took the ladies working the line. I now could see the van I would have been behind pull away from the window. I notice a order on the counter which was two quarter chicken with with rice and black beans. The manger is now called to the window for a issue with a customer he took the food from the window and went behind the line and was not happy tossing the box on the counter and started to correct the issue when the associate working the window told him to stop customer just want a refund. Now I am still waiting for my food only to watch a associate pick up the two trays of food and move it back to the food line . This food had sat on the counter for at least five minutes while other customer moved it to get there orders and it was getting cold. The associate takes the food and starts to box it too go the frist with her hand and then she notice me watching and took a tong to move the chicken for the second box over and placed lids on the beans and dump the rice into the box. My tropichop is present with all the toppings on it nothing on the side and the two boxes of chicken and rice from the counter. I did not know my order. Number because they had taken my receipt I explain that my order is incorrect only to be told NO it’s correct and then I am hand my receipt and it has writting on too go and all the way on the side. At this point I ask to speak to the manger he as wearing the only red shirt I could see. He frist does not want to come out and speak with me and then he finally does. I explain that my topichop is incorrect but what I was upset was the fact your staff attempted to give me food that had sat on the counter then boxed. He did not want to hear my issue he never stated sorry he could of cared less. He grabs the food and tosses the topichop on to the food line and said make a new one at this point my wife could not take his attitude and asked for a refund I have been married for thirty years and this is the frist time I saw my wife lose her cool. I can say she has seen me get upset. So now I left your location only to drive to Chipotle to purchase dinner. I love your food it’s a great value for the price. We dine at many locations in south Florida and also in Jacksonville but after tonight I will not be going back to your restaurant Your manger needs to go back and have many classes on customer service. I do not know have my order number because they took my reciept to fix my order then the manger took it with my refund. I would like to invite you to visit me in south Florida with any notice to staff and you can witness what you customers see daily. I look forward to hearing from you on someone on your staff to address my issue.


  24. tamaramorris44@gmail.com

    My visit was a very disappointing experience. I work close to the Franchise, so I eat there quite often. I may bring back lunch for a couple of co-workers. However they have incorrectly charged me, and left items out on several occasions, and I never complained. Consequently I went into the store, and the staff members were not quite Customer Service friendly. I say this so that your staff can improve. Also the corn casserole is listed on your menu, and you no longer serve it. Multiple occasions this has happen, and I finally took the time to let you know that you need to do better. The food is great but I suggest that you put smiling friendly faces upfront to greet your customers.

    1. Es la segunda vez que no me entregan toda mi comida completa. Además que los empleados están de mal humor cuando hablas con ellos.

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