What are the best value meals at Popeyes Chicken?


If you’re a fan of Popeyes Chicken, then you know that their prices can add up pretty quickly. But there are ways to save money and still get your chicken fix! Check out our top tips for getting the most bang for your buck at Popeyes.

Note: prices mentioned may vary by location and are subject to change at any time.

The 3-piece tenders combo is a great deal at only $5

Have you ever been to a fast-food restaurant and found yourself staring at the menu, unsure of what to pick? If so, then you’ll love the new three-piece tenders combo from your favorite eatery. And the best part is that it’s only $5! Imagine getting three delicious chicken tenders plus a side of fries and a drink for only five bucks. It’s really a great deal. The tenders are lightly battered and melt in your mouth with every bite. You can dip them into one of their signature sauces and savor the flavor or just eat them plain – it’s totally up to you! Plus, they’re made fresh every time so you know they’ll be delicious each and every visit. So go on, give their 3-piece tenders combo a try—you won’t be disappointed. With such an unbeatable price and succulent taste, you won’t want to miss out! Save yourself time and money with this incredible $5 deal today.

The 8-piece family meal is a great value at $20

Everyone loves a good deal, and the 8-piece family meal from your favorite restaurant is certainly one worth talking about. For only $20, you get enough food to feed a whole family with plenty of leftovers! Depending on the restaurant, these 8-piece meals usually come with chicken legs or thighs, sides such as macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, and dinner rolls. Even better than the low price is the convenience it provides; you don’t have to worry about making multiple stops or dealing with long lines at the grocery store. Meals like this are great for busy weeknights when there’s not enough time to whip up something homemade. Treat yourself to an 8-piece family meal – your bank account AND stomach will thank you! So go ahead, take advantage of this great value – life’s too short not to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal every once in a while! Enjoy!

For a quick and easy meal, the 2-piece boneless wings are a good choice

If you’re looking for a delicious, convenient dinner choice, the two-piece boneless wings from your favorite fast food joint are the way to go. They’re easy to eat – no bones or strings of skin – and are perfect for anyone who wants something tasty without having to sit down at a restaurant. Not only that, but you can customize your order however you like; choose from mild, hot, or extra spicy sauce, or get a combination of each. And best of all, they’re ready in just minutes; simply pull up to the drive thru window and enjoy. So next time you need a meal on the go, make sure to check out their two-piece boneless wings – they’ll satisfy your hunger in no time!

If you’re feeling really hungry, go for the 12-piece mixed bucket

When it comes to comfort food, nothing beats fried chicken. The scrumptious combination of crunchy breading and juicy poultry can really hit the spot, no matter what kind of mood you’re in. But when hunger pangs start gnawing at your stomach, opt for a big helping of fried chicken goodness by choosing the 12-piece mixed bucket. Whether you like dark meat or white meat, this variety pack offers something for everyone. And with enough finger-licking goodness to share around, the 12-piece mixed bucket makes an ideal choice for hungrier crowds. However long your snack break lasts, you’ll be ready to tackle any challenge with a full stomach and content heart thanks to this delectable bucket of fried chicken! Who said eating healthy had to be boring? You don’t have to sacrifice taste for nutrition when it comes to this delicious meal solution. So next time you find yourself really wanting something, go for the 12-piece mixed bucket — because nothing else satisfies your cravings quite like it!

Save money by ordering water instead of soda with your meals

Eating out at restaurants can be a fun way to treat yourself, but it can get expensive if you’re not careful. Luckily, there’s an easy way to save money when you go out for meals: order water instead of soda! By skipping the soda and refilling your glass with tap water (or ordering sparkling water if that’s more your style), you can instantly slash your tab without sacrificing flavor or feeling deprived. Not only will this help keep your sugar intake in check, but it’ll also lighten up on calories and other unhealthy ingredients. If that’s not enough incentive, think of all the money you can save by skipping sodas—over time, these small costs add up considerably! So next time you’re out for dinner with friends, order a round of H2O instead of Cans-A-Cola—your wallet will thank you!

Take the Popeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey and get Free Food

Popeyes is dedicated to providing its customers with the best possible experience, and that means listening to your feedback. That’s why they’ve created the Popeyes Customer Satisfaction Survey located at TellPopeyes.com – an easy way for you to share your thoughts on recent meals and services. And as a reward, they’ll even give you free food! After completing the survey, you’ll be provided with a unique code that can be redeemed at any Popeyes restaurant. All you need to do is show the code at checkout, and voila – free food! It’s an incredible value, because not only are you getting a delicious meal, but also your feedback will help ensure future experiences are up to par. So take the Popeyes survey and start earning rewards today – it’s easy, fast, and most importantly, tasty!


When you’re dining out or need a quick meal solution, it pays to know the best value options. With meals like the 8-piece family meal or 12-piece mixed bucket from your favorite fast food joint, you can enjoy delicious home-cooked eats without breaking the bank. Or, opt for something lighter and healthier like water instead of soda with your meal – you’ll be surprised by how much you can save! No matter what your needs or dietary restrictions are, remember to look for the most affordable and nutritious choices so that your wallet and stomach remain happy. Bon appetit!

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