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Sonic Drive-In Survey Details

Complete the TalkToSonic survey (, and receive a coupon for a free route 44 drink (reward may vary, check your receipt), redeemable upon your next visit to Sonic Drive-In! Must have a recent receipt with survey invitation. The receipt is valid for 14 days after purchase. The coupon is valid for 60 days.
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Survey RewardFree route 44 Drink
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid For14 Days
Coupon Valid For60 Days

Survey Tips & Tricks

  1. Be sure to write down the validation code on your receipt to activate the coupon
  2. No survey invitation? Just go there and buy a drink, save the receipt – poof, you now have a valid survey invitation
  3. There’s no limit to how many times you can take the survey and get your free coupon, do it every day if you’d like (you just need a valid survey invitation)

Other Coupons & Deals

Sonic Drive-In is currently offering a discounts and coupons to customers. Check out the Sonic coupons and deals page for more information on that.

31 thoughts on “”

  1. Tried to. Do survey had 3 Receipts. And got nothing on each one I did. I don’t do this hardly ever but what a rip-off. They lied to me. And I am very unhappy and a little passed off at the Franchise.

  2. Sonic on 380 Aubrey TX was awful on August 4th 2023. Grilled cheese sandwiches literally had maybe 1 slice of cheese stuck between 2 thick slices of bread. It was terrible! Onion rings burnt & a blast that was melting when handed to me. What do they serve on grilled cheese? A cheese spread? Checking my order they forgot to bring out the footlong hot dog. It too was not good. Maybe an off day but & lost $30 on my food purchases. If I had eaten it there I would have sent it all back. Beware of this location!

  3. Veronica Rogers

    Went to sonic on highway five across from graystone ordered a large jumbo chicken. It was the size of a small tater tot. If this is the size you people are ripping people off.

  4. Pamela Levison

    I went to sonic this morning and order two breakfast toasters very disappointed because I couldn’t get no jelly with my toaster because they wanted to charge me $.30 for a condiment that should be free. That’s the sonics here on G St. in Jonesboro Arkansas.

  5. Never understood why your straws are so damn thin. Most of your drinks require a straw that is at least a 9-12mm. Makes it literally impossible to enjoy your drink while fighting the damn straw. No one wants to drink out of those comically large straws either that’s just doing too much. I enjoy your smoothies but the fact that the straws are way too thin does not exactly feel worth it.

  6. So there’s an issue with the sonic on 45th near teckla in Amarillo tx. There have been multiple times where they will be steady and won’t answer the drive thru speaker at all. Then if you drive up to the window you are. Asked to sit and wait in one of the isle order areas. It’s very disappointing considering this used to be the best one.

  7. Sonic has always been my favorite place to eat since I lived in New Mexico I’ve love it the limeade the food the people ate great I really wish we had one in pierresd but it’s a treat to eat at it in rapid city sd keep up the great work you all do I mean it from the bottom of my heart

  8. Connie Cunningham

    I just left Sonic 461 Columbia Ave Lexington SC.
    While waiting for my food to be delivered to my table a bag was taken to a customer outside. She brought it back because it was not her order the bag was open. The server folded the same bag down and brought it to me. In what way was that the correct way to handle that situation. When my husband questioned the server his reply was the lady just brought it back. My point was it was in her car in here possession. It should not have been given to me.
    Retraining is needed the time of my visit was 2:33pm

  9. Erie pa sonic very good always good customer service. Food good my boys love it. Jayla was amazing. She actually handed me our meal by who got what gave our drinks told what it was my son got number 2 I got 11 told me the number it was. Great smile. Friendly.

  10. This Sonic in Cherokee Oklahoma is so bad,that if they got your order right I’d faint, well once again I got cherry limeade and a diet cherry limeade and ordered extra Cherry’s and they charged me 30 cent extra ,get back home and after taking lid off there wasn’t even 1 cherry , my breakfast toasters we’re very cold and toast is soggy, I’m so sick of paying high prices and it’s either wrong or cold, Ashley’s a great worker and Heather is a great manager,if they didn’t work there I would never go there! Just paid 15.53 and it’s still wrong ,,,

  11. Just wanted a snack for the 40 minute drive back to camp. Stopped at Wenatchee, Washington location for Onion Rings and a Banana shake. Onion Rings were great as usual but the milkshake which I normally like a lot was under mixed and tasted like unripe banana and not much else. Wasn’t sweet at all and then they only had a tiny straw that you would normally drink water through. I’m not exaggerating too much to say it wasn’t much bigger than a coffee stirrer. I asked if there was a fatter straw and they didn’t have one. So now I’m trying to drink this milkshake while I’m driving and it is impossible. Later I found pieces of banana about an inch in size. I know why this happens, the correct straw stuck at a closed port in China, and it’s hard to find adequate staff. Clearly everyone was in too much of a hurry to mix the milkshake long enough. Still there needs to be a path to a successful customer experience.

  12. Very dissatisfied with sonic the lady taking the order didn’t even let me finish before she rung up my total so i had to do it all over again and on top of that didn’t get my drink right and i ordered extra cherries and didn’t get them but i got charged for them. Stall #4 CHK 759 june 12 2022 @ 7:58pm

  13. I was very dissatisfied with your Zebulon NC. Ticket number 387815. June 3,2022. I ordered 2 medium sprite with extra extra strawberries. No extra strawberries 🤬. We ordered 2 Bacon cheese burgers, the bacon was burnt and looked like it had been left over and recooked 🤬. The food was not good. We wasted $18.33🤬🤬. We were charged for the extra extra strawberries but didn’t get it!!

  14. Hi, Yes was wondering why no surveys on the receipts now. And no card when you buy your very expensive drink after 12 you get a free on. I have always done the surveys no matter where happens manager need to know how their employees are acting with them not there. Thank you in advance for your time.

  15. Apparently the survey site is not up and working.,we go to the one Summerville,sc every day that they are open and when they are not we sit in the empty stalls.I do the survey every time I get one.My responses are the same.Lois and Sarah keep this store afloat.They should get $20,00 bonuses every year.I will kick in the first $20.00.

  16. Been trying to take the survey but unable to bring it up.
    It will not let me fill out the survey.
    My 14 days is about up. What do I do with the ticket?

  17. Mary Turberville

    I order an jumbo popcorn chicken. I had to throw half of it away because they were hard or like try to chew a piece of rubber. This is the Sonic in Daphne. On Hwy 98. The switchboard was Sunday she a manager at the time. Russell (Travis) was carhop. At the time cook name Trey.

      1. Did the survey for the free Rout 44 & got a validation # to complete the offer. However, in comments below our validation # it stated that you have to GO BACK TO the location of the original sale to redeem this offer. That location is not one we frequent much, probably will trash this coupon…

  18. I have my receipt but the ink is so bad that I cannot enter the number. The carhpo’s name was Kenneth. He delivered my drink and had my receipt in his hand. After giving me the drink, he started to walk away and i had to ask for my receipt. His response was oh and handed me the receipt. This is the second time i have had to ask this young man for my receipt when there was a survey at the bottom. I talked to Brandon who said he was a manager and his response was I’ve told them to give everyone a receipt! I did tell him I was going to put this in the survey and he go ahead. I have a picture of the receipt but can’t do anything with it😪

  19. I had a very pleasant experience today due to my server Tyler. He has a great attitude and sense of humor. I’ll be back. My number 1s 666. Thanks again for the great service.

  20. Angry Customer

    I can’t take the survey bc I wasn’t given a receipt. The Sonic @ 3375 N Gloster St, Tupelo, Ms has ridiculously terrible service. We waited almost an hour for milkshakes & blasts that resembled a muddy milky mess. They literally poured out like water!!! The manager was no help. She kept telling me that only one carhop was working. Well…. 7 people were working (I use that term loosely bc they did a lot of standing around laughing). It takes much longer to prepare the food than to deliver it! Why would you let blasts sit there until they completely melt! Now, I know why people were leaving squealing tires, honking & revving their engines…. they were sick of waiting or they got food that they couldn’t even eat! I definitely won’t prepay @ Sonic anymore! That is, if we bother to return! I would have left long before I did if I hadn’t already pd!!
    The only reason I got our watery blasts/ shakes when I did, I pushed the red button again!!
    Hmmm… New management … that might be a step in the right direction!

  21. I was told the coupon is only good for 14 days. From the way I read the coupon, it says the survey must be taken within 14 days but says nothing about how long you have to redeem. Please clarify this with me and the stores.

  22. Jean Ann Howard

    I have been trying to get a charge that Sonic charged on my American Express account corrected. I have called at least six times. It has not been resolved. Please get back to me and help me get to the person who can help get this charge corrected.

  23. Kellyn Reynolds

    How come I didnt get an invitation to the survey. what is the point of having a sticker on the receipt if your not going to give everyone a chance to take the survey

    1. I had a nice friendly sales person at the sonics store number is 9403 North Freeway, Houston TX 77037 he was so friendly and very nice and clean. And I went through drive-through.

  24. I did the survey. My ID # was 164602220150. I did the survey & before I got the #s recorded my little chihuahua stepped on my cell & closed the app. I tried to get back into it & record the # but it wouldnt let me. How do I retrieve
    the # to get my free Rt 44?

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