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Boston Pizza Survey Details

Complete the Tell Boston Pizza survey (, and receive a chance to win a $200 gift card to Boston Pizza! No purchase required. Must be 18 or older to enter. Entries are limited to one person per day, with or without receipt. Check the official sweepstakes rules for more information on this sweepstakes.

Survey NameTell Boston Pizza
Survey RewardChance to win a $200 Gift Card
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid ForUnlimited Days
Coupon Valid ForUnlimited Days
Entry Limit1 per person, per receipt

How To Take The Survey

In order to take the survey and get your reward, you must have a recent receipt from Boston Pizza available. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Have your Boston Pizza receipt handy
  2. Visit the online survey site at
  3. Select your desired language (English or French)
  4. Enter your “Receipt Code” located on your receipt
  5. Enter the server name, also should be listed on your receipt
  6. Click the Next button to proceed to the survey
  7. Answer each question as honestly as possible
  8. Be sure to enter your contact information when prompted
  9. Click the final “Submit” button to finalize the survey
  10. If prompted, be sure to opt-in to the sweepstakes for your chance to win!

Other Ways To Save

Here are some great ways to save money at Boston Pizza:

  1. Look for deals and promotions: Boston Pizza often offers special deals and promotions, such as discounts on certain menu items or limited-time offers. Keep an eye on their website or social media pages to stay updated on current promotions.
  2. Order takeout or delivery: You may be able to save money by ordering takeout or delivery from Boston Pizza rather than dining in at the restaurant. This can also be a convenient option if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cooking at home.
  3. Share a meal: Consider sharing a meal with someone else to save money. Many of the dishes at Boston Pizza are large enough to be shared, so you may be able to split a meal and save on the cost.
  4. Take advantage of combo deals: Boston Pizza often offers combo deals that include a pizza, wings, and other items at a discounted price. These deals can be a good way to save money if you’re looking to order multiple items.
  5. Look for coupons: Keep an eye out for coupons or promo codes that can be applied to your order to save money. These may be available through Boston Pizza’s website, through third-party deal sites, or through other sources.

About Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is a Canadian-based restaurant chain that offers a variety of pizza and other menu items, such as pasta, sandwiches, and salads. The company was founded in 1964 and has since grown to become one of the largest casual dining chains in Canada, with locations across the country and internationally.

In addition to dine-in and takeout options, Boston Pizza also offers delivery through various third-party services. The menu at Boston Pizza includes a wide range of pizza options, including classic and specialty pies, as well as a selection of toppings that can be added to create custom pizzas.

The restaurant also offers a variety of other dishes, such as burgers, sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes, as well as a selection of appetizers, desserts, and beverages.

13 thoughts on “”

  1. Went to BostonPizzia in Pit Meadows. The server said I had a choice of fries, onion rings or salad but did not say it was extra if I chose any thing but fries. Was surprised when bill came and it was more then menu price. Would not have chosen onion fries if I had known. There is no mention on the menu of extra for some thing other then fries. I was not pleased as I think it sort of a scam of getting extra money from people who do not go out much and know what restaurants are doing now a days. Will not come back as I don’t want to order and find it cost more then menu price.

  2. Survey access code 37674-20001-60011. My family and I visited Boston pizza #406, peterborough north on December 6th for dinner. Order was taken at 17:27. Food was served and waitress disappeared. We waited for over 20 minutes after we were finished eating, before we located her to get the bill. We left at 18:25. This was the worst service I have ever received at Boston Pizza as we are usually there every 2 weeks before we grocery shop. Makes me wonder if we will be back.

  3. I filled in the survey, but have a couple of questions.
    The link for information and rules doesn’t open, the second page says to tag on the links below for more info….no links.
    My question is, “ how many and how often is Boston Pizza awarding a $200 gift card?
    And, by law don’t you have to clearly post this information? Tsk, tsk

  4. Went Boston Pizza in Kenora, Ontario on October 1, 2022. I Have copy of receipt and waitress name. However there is no 15 digit code on the bottom of receipt to fill out survey.
    The Boston Pizza in Kenora was not very good. My sister had order spaghetti, of which was very overcooked and the noodles were mush. The total wait time for all our food was 1 hour and 40 minutes. The server Tracy S. Was not very polite and did not have the common sense or courtesy to apologize for her absence or the wait. Was not anywhere near our table during the ridiculously long wait. The restaurant was not very busy at all either. Very dissatisfied with service in the Kenora Ontario location.

  5. Had lunch in Penticton BC on August 02/2022 great server Darcy J .
    I ordered calamari which was so dry and Crunchy I sent it back . Our server did take it off our bill. I have had this prob in the past but thought no it’s a one time thing apparently Not. I won’t be returning to this BP anytime soon or referring to go there.

  6. Hi, just purchased a double order of fried wings with sweet potatoes fries, with 2 dipping sauce, i picked up my order and went home, got home to discover that i only had one dipping sauce and i paid for the extra sauce, and our wings were burnt and dry, very disappointed.

  7. We were at Boston Pizza in Morden Mb for supper tonight and we were not very pleased. We presented our waitress with our Seniors cards for free drinks when she came to take care of us. She did however charge each of us 3.99. Total of 7.98 plus taxes. One of our dinners cost 14.98 and when it came it was just room temperature. She gave us a look that told us she was not impressed but she took it back. When she brought the food back it was hot but the garlic toast was missing. She didn’t like that either but she did bring a piece. We were not impressed with our server’s attitude or the fact that some dishes were piping hot and one was barely warm.

  8. Bernice Janssen

    I am really disappointed. The survey did not accept my access code and server name. I tried quite a few times. If you are offering a contest, please make sure we can actually fill it out.

  9. Went to Boston Pizza at Grandview Vancouver BC, September 2. Theres not much people but the server was not as attentive and prompt like they normally do. We were waiting for refills- our server is nowhere to find. And worst is, they gave us a receipt for the survey with maybe printed from 1% ink cartridge so the 15 number to access the survey is NOT visible at all also the server’s name. (was this done intentionally?) Im not satisfied with the service.

  10. We were at kenaston Boston pizza on march12 i filled out the survey but there was no mention of the cook
    The preparation of the food was the best that
    I have ever seen a cheer for him & Taylor S

  11. Trying to do survey but wont accept my code. Was at Boston on November 26th service was great and friendly Lisa was my server. Not survey you wanted but best I can do

  12. Stephanie McFarlane

    Sorry I do not have my receipt code. My family went to Langford Boston Pizza on September 19th ( today) and we were all very disappointed. We are frequent customers and we all ordered our favourites. My beet salad was soggy, And my son and daughters hamburgers were toasted dry. We had a long wait for food and drink service. None of the regular staff were there. We won’t be back.

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