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Complete this short survey and receive a coupon for a FREE Two Piece Chicken and Biscuit.​

Popeyes Survey Details

Complete the Tell Popeyes survey (, and receive a coupon for a FREE Two Piece Chicken and Biscuit (reward varies, check your receipt), redeemable upon your next visit to Popeyes! Previous purchase required. Must have a recent receipt with survey invitation. The receipt is valid for 2 days after purchase. The coupon is valid for 30 days.
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Survey Reward Coupon for a FREE Two Piece Chicken and Biscuit
Time To Complete 3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid For 2 Days
Coupon Valid For 30 Days

Survey Tips & Tricks

  1. Be sure to write down the validation code on your receipt to activate the coupon
  2. No survey invitation? Just go there and buy a drink, save the receipt - poof, you now have a valid survey invitation
  3. Limit one Free coupon code per receipt, per visit
  4. It appears there's no limit to how many times you can take the survey and get your free coupon, you just need a valid survey invitation

Other Coupons & Deals

Popeyes is currently offering a rewards program for loyal customers. Check out the Popeyes Rewards page for more information on that.

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11 Responses

  1. drive up service very very .waited 10 min with one car in front of me. when paying for my meal i saw 5 workers just standing around.waited 6 emore min. for my overy there is 4 more cars in line. not very happy… thank you. ron neubauer.

  2. I visit a store in Northeast Washington DC around 1056 I noticed the store was closed but the manager still serve me anyway great customer service

  3. We’re here in Racine Wisconsin or having a lot of trouble trying to get chicken there’s two Popeyes in Racine and if you go to either one they were not a chicken that got pies they don’t got sides what’s going on here people go to buy chicken dinners and can’t even get that very upset

  4. I have no complaints. I visited location in Austell, GA. It was fresh and restaurant was clean, front counter workers was friendly.

  5. We went to Popeyes in Jesup, Georgia and they got our order wrong, they were rude to us, and I would appreciate speaking to a person.

  6. They just built a Popeye’s Chicken in Niles Michigan and the car is in line had to have been about a half a mile long so I decided to go 30 minutes before they closed and I ordered a four piece dinner and it was so fresh so Good I hope it stays that way because I know they are new yummy!!!

  7. I visited the Popeyes #9088 on 10/18/2021 at 12:36 pm and while I was in line I witness two other ladies that was in line behind me start to leave saying that one employee was seen leaving the restroom go back in kitchen door then clock back in on the register and then go back behind the food counter and started packing food orders thats when the ladies started to leave saying he just came out the restroom and didn’t wash his hands when he went back to his work station so I brought it to the cashiers attention and when she told the employee he said he did wash his hands and then walked out .

  8. I frequent the restaurant in Riverton, UT on 13400 S. I am VERY disappointed that you have discontinued the military discount. If it wasn’t for a strong military, you would not be in existence.

    1. I recently used the mobile app and when I went to pick up my meal, it wasn’t ready and I had to wait at least an hour because the cashier didn’t print the order and he was no where to be found. After that, I had to get in line for my order. I thought when you order via mobile and it’s paid for, there shouldn’t be a wait. What’s the kicker, because they were closing, I was told to go through the drive thru. What kind of mobile service are you running maybe I’m missing something. I am looking forward to your response.

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