Customer Satisfaction Survey

Complete this short survey and receive a coupon for a FREE Dilly Bar.​

Dairy Queen Survey Details

Complete the Dairy Queen Fan Feedback survey (, and receive a coupon for a FREE Dilly Bar (reward varies, check your receipt), redeemable upon your next visit to Dairy Queen! Previous purchase required. Must have a recent receipt with survey invitation. The receipt is valid for 3 days after purchase. The coupon is valid for 30 days.
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Survey Reward Coupon for a FREE Dilly Bar
Time To Complete 3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid For 3 Days
Coupon Valid For 30 Days

Survey Tips & Tricks

  1. Be sure to write down the validation code on your receipt to activate the coupon
  2. No survey invitation? Just go there and buy a drink, save the receipt - poof, you now have a valid survey invitation
  3. Limit one Free coupon code per receipt, per visit
  4. It appears there's no limit to how many times you can take the survey and get your free coupon, you just need a valid survey invitation

Other Coupons & Deals

Dairy Queen is currently offering a rewards program for loyal customers. Check out the Dairy Queen Rewards page for more information on that.

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8 Responses

  1. Follow-up to earlier post. Went back to survey and tried the phone number at the top of the receipt. That worked, so no leading me on, just wish it was a bit clearer in the instructions. Thanks.

  2. I had an excellent order of cheese curds yesterday 7/25/22 at your store 1140 Annapolis Rd Odenton, MD 21113. Was pleased to find the survey thing at the bottom of the receipt for a free Dilly bar when completed. However, was not pleased today that when attempting to fill out the survey that where it says fill in phone number it has xxx-xxx-xxxx. The survey will not accept this. Sad to find out this might just be leading me on.

  3. Overcharged grossly for an item bought very often and then told that it was due to price change… not true after getting reciept and finding extra topping charges on reciept… beware of deception

  4. Visited your store 1990 Lincoln Highway, north Versailles, pa.
    On 6.30.2021 at 4:07pm.
    They would not take my coupon, said privately owned. Then had me wait by the front of building for our food. Came out with only half of it. Was told to go back in line, to request the rest. Forgot two sandwiches, fries and queso sauce. Then asked for manager. Brianna, who laughed at me. I did not find this funny!! She said that they are privately owned! Don’t think you want this representation to your DQ name. I’m furious and would like an explanation please.
    Then my receipt has no validation code on it. Has a number (pound) sign and it’s blank. I have saved my receipt. My purchase for my family came to 55.06. Order #0449. #773928, REG 03 Tammy Check #189
    Would appreciate some reasoning behind this horrible treatment please, and thank you.

  5. I need the HEAD person in charge of DQ on 607 s. main to e mail me ASAP… Listen to your customers @least “sometimes”…WE MATTER!!…communication is one of the keys to a great business!

  6. This dq really has a problem understanding orders& they will charge you for items & not present it in your order period.
    So, beware if u order extras of any side item,u may not receive it, it’s happened to me numerously, even having you drove back there also, costing gas on MY end twice in one day. SMH

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