Best Customer Survey Rewards: Win Cash, Earn Coupons, Get Free Food


If there’s anything more satisfying than finding a great deal, it’s the thrill of earning rewards for sharing your thoughts! I’m what you might call a “survey enthusiast”, I believe in the power of customer feedback. Not just because it’s great for getting freebies, discounts, or even cash prizes (I do love that part), but also because I know it plays a crucial role in shaping the businesses we love.

My journey into the world of survey-taking started with customer surveys like the ones listed below. It then led to my paid survey side hustle, which is a cool way to make some extra cash on the side, and eventually segued into starting this blog, where I enjoy sharing my survey-taking addiction with others.

Why do I enjoy taking surveys?

Well, the first reason is pretty obvious, the rewards! But it isn’t just the rewards that sucked me in, it’s knowing that my opinions were being heard and valued. Each question answered meant that I was helping a brand improve its services, products, or customer experience. Receiving rewards is merely the icing on the cake – though admittedly, it is a generous and particularly indulgent dollop of icing!

So whether you’re new at this or a seasoned pro at surveys, I’ve compiled a list of the most lucrative customer surveys based on the rewards they offer.

Generally, the rewards fall into one of 3 categories:

  • Free Food – Typically from restaurant surveys, such as Dairy Queen
  • Free Discount Coupon – Usually from retail stores, like Abercrombie & Fitch
  • Sweepstakes – This type could be from any type of survey, from Taco Bell to Publix

I should mention that most of these surveys require some sort of purchase in order to get the survey code you need to enter the survey. What I usually do is just pick the surveys from stores that I like to visit, like Dairy Queen, McDonald’s, Publix, etc.

Sometimes I even specifically go to the restaurant or store and purchase something small, if it’s a survey that sounds interesting to me (in other words, if the reward appeals to me lol). Like McDonald’s, all you need to do to get a survey code is just buy a drink! Then you can take the survey, and get your free offer. Just be sure to get a receipt, and hold on to it!

Without further ado, here are the top 20 most popular customer surveys on SurveyMemo:

  1. – Dairy Queen Survey – Reward: Free Dilly Bar. This is one of the most popular customer surveys and offers a guaranteed coupon for a free dilly bar from Dairy Queen, no sweepstakes.
  2. – Jack In The Box Survey – Reward: 2 Free Tacos or a free Jumbo Jack (varies). This is another very popular survey that offers a coupon for free food upon completion, with no sweepstakes.
  3. – Culver’s Survey – Reward: Free Scoop. Who wouldn’t love getting a free scoop of Culver’s frozen custard just by telling them what you think? No Sweeps.
  4. – Abercrombie & Fitch Survey – Reward: $10 off coupon. If you’ve visited Abercrombie recently, hold on to that receipt and turn it into $10 off your next purchase! No sweeps.
  5. – McDonald’s Survey – Reward: Free burger of egg McMuffin. We can’t have a list of the best customer surveys without mentioning the old double arches! No sweeps.
  6. – CVS Pharmacy Survey – Reward: Chance to win $1,000! This is the first sweepstakes survey on the list. Tell CVS what you think and get your shot at a cool $1k in cash!
  7. – Taco Bell Survey – Reward: Chance to win $500! This is one of the very first customer surveys I participated in. No purchase is required if you enter the sweepstakes by mail, but if you enter online via the survey, a recent receipt is required to enter.
  8. – Shoppers Drug Mart Survey – Reward: Chance to win a $1,000 gift card. Another sweepstakes survey, but this is a Canadian thing, so if you’re from the States you probably haven’t even heard of it.
  9. – White Castle Survey – Reward: Free sliders. Who wouldn’t love some FREE White Castle Sliders in exchange for your opinions? Guaranteed win, no sweepstakes.
  10. – Chick-fil-A Survey – Reward: Free chicken sandwich. This is another guaranteed win, no sweeps. Tell them what you think and get your free sandwich!
  11. – Firehouse Subs Survey – Reward: Chance to win $500. Here’s another sweepstakes entry survey, no guaranteed reward, but tell them what you think and get your shot at winning a cool $500!
  12. – Burger King Survey – Reward: Free Whopper or chicken sandwich. No sweepstakes, this is a guaranteed win for you. Go grab your free sandwich!
  13. – Pollo Tropical Survey – Reward: Discount coupon. The reward on this one is a little different and can easily change, but last I heard it was $2 off your next order. Guaranteed win, no sweepstakes.
  14. – Wawa Customer Survey – Reward: Chance to win a $25 gift card. This is a small sweepstakes, no guaranteed reward. The advantage of the smaller prize is you most likely have a higher chance of winning this one, go tell them what you think!
  15. – KFC UK Survey – Reward: Discount coupon for next visit. As you may have guessed, this is a UK survey, so you guys living in the States can ignore this one, but we can’t forget about our UK friends!
  16. – Popeyes Customer Survey – Reward: Free 2-piece chicken and biscuit. Who doesn’t love some Popeyes chicken? Guaranteed reward, no sweeps. Go tell them what you think and grab some free chicken!
  17. – Wendys Customer Survey – Reward: Free burger of chicken sandwich. Who doesn’t love a tasty Wendy’s burger? This is a guaranteed reward, no sweeps. Go get yours!
  18. – Lowes Customer Survey – Reward: Chance to win $500. This is a sweepstakes, tell Lowes what you think and get your shot at a $500 monthly grand prize!
  19. – Krispy Kreme Survey – Reward: Free doughnut. I don’t know about you, but I love a good Krispy Kreme doughnut! No sweeps, this is a guaranteed reward. Go get yours!
  20. – Kohl’s Customer Survey – Reward: Unknown. This is a tricky one, it appears that they have offered a reward for this survey in the past, but I can’t find anything on that right now. So it’s possible there’s no reward. But it’s still a very popular survey, so go check it out!

Some of these stores or restaurants you probably already visit on a regular basis, and some maybe you don’t. Either way, now you’re armed with the knowledge to take full advantage of the rewards these customer surveys provide!

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