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Quick Summary: Tell Target what you think! Take their quick 2 minute customer survey at and help them give you and others the best customer experience possible.

If you’re like me, Target is a staple in your shopping routine. It’s always an enjoyable experience shopping at Target whether it’s for groceries, household items or anything else for that matter.

But Target needs our help. They are looking for your valuable customer feedback to make your shopping experience even better! And that’s where the customer survey comes in.

What is

It’s the website for telling Target what you think as a customer, helping them gather valuable information on what is working and what isn’t. Giving them actionable ideas on what to do to improve the customer shopping experience.

It’s a very quick 2 minute survey, mostly multiple choice questions with some room for your own suggestions, or complaints. This is where honesty is king, just tell them exactly what you think!

Is There a Reward for Taking This Survey?

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any type of reward for taking this survey. Just the pride of knowing that we are helping one of our favorite stores improve.

Honestly most other store and restaurant customer surveys give some type of reward, such as a discount coupon or sweepstakes entry. But nevertheless, the Target customer survey is worth the couple minutes it takes to help Target improve.

No Reward? Then Why Take the Survey?

It does kinda suck that there’s no reward for this survey, but it’s still important to take a couple minutes and help them improve for us as well as everyone else. Although I’m hoping they will add a reward soon, so lets keep an eye on that!

How To Take the Survey

Despite the fact that there’s no reward, let’s get right into it, here’s how to take the survey and give Target a piece of your mind in the process.

Step 1: 

Grab your most recent receipt from Target and look towards the bottom for a user ID and password which you will need to enter the survey.

Step 2: 

Once you’ve got your receipt, visit, select your desired language, then enter that user ID into the form and hit the big red “Next” button to begin the survey.

Step 3: 

As you progress through this short survey, be sure to answer the questions as honestly as you possibly can. Also be sure to enter any specific comments you had about your visit, such as compliments for an employee, suggestions for improvement, any complaints etc. This information is important to help them improve.

Step 4: 

When you finish up the survey, this is where I’d instruct you on how to get reward that is typically given with these types of surveys. As mentioned before, unfortunately this one does not provide a reward. So as you’re finishing up the survey there’s nothing else you need to do!

Best Ways to Save Money at Target

Here are some of my favorite ways to save money shopping at Target.

  1. I recommend if you don’t already have the Target Red Card (soon to be Circle Card), get one next time you visit. It will save you 5% on each purchase. Just remember to use it!
  2. If you haven’t already, download the Circle app. It’s a great way to save a little extra money and find great deals. Also you can get additional gift cards if you buy specific things or spend a certain amount of money, and you typically only know about these deals if you have the Circle app.
  3. Keep an eye on weekly deals and offers, also really easy to do through the Circle app. 

Wrapping Up

I hope this helps you in your survey journey. I’m a bit of a survey addict whether or not they offer a reward (I do prefer the ones with rewards though!). Maybe if you’re a survey novice this will spark your adventure into taking online surveys. 

So lets have some fun with these surveys!

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  1. I like the Pizzia at Target they have good cheese in it.But they also have Pizel’s there too.One day I brought a Diet Dr. Pepper from target it was very good to Drink. I like the some of the Cheerios there to.My User ID: 7592 6858 0983 Password: 686 710

  2. Have a extra fake charge on my bill. Need to check your statements. It said – no brand – .$.99. Take this fake charge and times this by every customer. This is illegal

  3. So…this is probably one of Targets 🎯 busiest seasons and I have to say, I love how all the team members have been so great and helpful.
    I start off my shopping trip with a stop by Starbucks. For some reason, I usually see a brista named Arizona and her copilot, Daniel. They know me by name and even my drink order. It’s crazy, I live in Clovis, NM, my trips are maybe once or twice a month and they take the time to make me feel like I’m their best friend.
    Second stop is usually customer service for returns. The clerks are always so helpful and patient with me cause I need to use my Targets 🎯 app. Maleigha, who helped me today, was very helpful and kind. Made my returns easy and painless. 😅
    Now, on to walking around, drinking my pink drink 🥤 enjoying my shopping 🛍️ time at Targets 🎯 before getting to the register to checkout with Derrick. I use my app all through the time I am shopping to check to see if the online prices are cheaper than what’s in the store. Most of the time, I find some great deals and have to use my app to show the cashier the difference in pricing. Today, Derrick assisted me and did not complain one bit. He was so personable and made my lengthy transaction quick and I saved a bunch! Woohoo 🙌
    Anyway, I truly appreciate all the kindness Targets 🎯 employees always show me, especially during this very crazy, but merry time.
    Thank y’all, Merry Christmas 🎄

  4. Darrious was our cashier at the Redding CA store on 8/07/2022. Excellent customer service! Please give him a raise!!

  5. Cashier was very unfriendly. Didn’t tell me total. I had to look at register. Handed me receipt and said nothing. My grandson even said , wow she was not nice at all. Pretty bad when a 11 year old noticed.

  6. Target store in Palm Desert, California. Very rude cashier with an attitude. She should not be working with customers. I will not visit that Target again. I had three email gift cards, I put them down and said i have three gift cards, she never said dont put your credit card in the machine, when totaled out I said please apply gift cards, she said cannot use them you already had your card in and now too late. Very rude. I picked up two additional items, gave her three email gift cards, she used two and never gave me back the third. Did not realize until almost home. I did call the store, they said would check and call me back. They did call back and said she said never gave her three. They said come in we will give you a credit. Not sure will go back, who needs this for $`15.00

  7. I Love the target Medallion store. They have great, MAGNIFICENT customer service at Guest services and they are always willing to help and go that extra mile. I worked with Barbara and Princeton as well David. They have a great since of workmanship. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!!!

  8. I wanted to take a survey for the Nice lady that waited on me yesterday. But after I entered a code that says it expires in 7 days; the message says that it is expired. Now I can not stick to my word which I said that I would take it. Thank you

  9. I had a very unpleasant experience in your store at Irvine with the supervisor! I bought a sheet set previously, & had a hard time to get the price, & size before purchasing it since there was no tag on it! Took it to the front, customer service. The gentleman had a hard time finding the item in the system, but gave me the price, & assured me it was a queen size. Came home, and found out it’s not queen, but a shorter size! Next day I’ve gone back to your customer service and met this unpleasant individual without a name tag. I can give you the users ID 797589664987, password 524505. This lady with heavy accent, supposedly Korean asking me where is the label, and how is she supposed to find out what size that sheet set was!!!!!!!!? Luckily the clerk that helped me previously was there, and approached us apologizing and saying it was his bad. Your supervisor keeps on staring at me and puts it in the system and gives my money back without saying anything no Greeting, thank you, or no sorry! I Could get a better treat with a street vendor! I like your products but I don’t want to go back to the same target! Could you please contact me?

  10. I don’t like it when a worker harasses me about getting a 5% discount card, especially at a self-checkout line. There is an employee who does this. She is the only one who does this at a self-checkout. I told her that I didn’t want one. She nagged me why? I started to report this because she was extremely rude and obnoxious and raised her voice at me. I told her to get off my back. Months later here we go again. Why won’t you use one of our cards? I said we talked about this before, remember? She said no… Do you know how many people I see in a day?….. I realize that these cards can be good for discounts, but I have been turned down before for no credit. Please stop. I don’t owe your store, or her, any excuse. Get off my back!

  11. Julia Reynolds

    On Thursday May 21st I was in the electronics department to get my phone activated for the next month. The technician on charge was Nyjah Harrell. She was very helpful pleasant and knew what she was doing. Very good!

  12. Julia Reynolds

    I was at Target on May 21st at the electronics department. Nyjah Harrell was very helpful pleasant and knows what she is doing. Very good!

  13. 1). Always enjoy heading to this store, in part because it’s not a football-field in size, Thank You Store Designers…
    2). The person who ALWAYS makes it better is very tall (to short me) Manager Sam. He is smart, bright, gentle, intuitive and helpful. This time I was lucky enough to get him when I requested Carry-to-Car, put-in-trunk assistance. He also has a great sense of humor.
    3). P.S. Cashier Diana was patient since what I bought needed processing with 2 different cards.
    4). WHERE does my user ID and password come in??????

    1. Realmente un pésimo servicio al cliente, de parte de la manager que supuestamente llego ayudarme con un articulo que yo necesitaba devolver, nisiquiera me dejo decir lo que pasaba y llego agresiva a acusarme y hablando en un tono de voz inapropiado, creo dijo que se llama maria vazquez o no se si invento el nombre pero deberían capacitar a los managers sobre la importancia y el significado d “El buen servicio al cliente” porque solo avergüenzan llegando a alzar la voz a los cliente cuando s lo contrario que están supuesto a ayudar. Ya veo porque el eso el auto servicio es aveces mejor

  14. 1). Always enjoy heading to this store, in part because it’s not a football-field in size, Thank You Store Designers…
    2). The person who ALWAYS makes it better is very tall (to short me) Manager Sam. He is smart, bright, gentle, intuitive and helpful. This time I was lucky enough to get him when I requested Carry-to-Car, put-in-trunk assistance. He also has a great sense of humor.
    3). P.S. Cashier Diana was patient since what I bought needed processing with 2 different cards.
    Thank You for opportunity to comment.

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