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Complete the Marshalls Feedback survey (, and receive a chance to win a $500 gift card to Marshalls! No purchase required. Must be 18 or older to enter. Entries are limited to one per entry period, with or without receipt. Check the official sweepstakes rules for more information on this sweepstakes.
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Survey Reward A chance to win a $500 gift card
Time To Complete 3-5 Minutes
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Survey Tips & Tricks

  1. After completing the survey, be sure to enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win
  2. No survey invitation? Just go there and buy something cheap, save the receipt - poof, you now have a valid survey invitation
  3. Entries are limited to one per entry period

Other Coupons & Deals

Marshalls is currently offering a rewards program for loyal customers. Check out the Marshalls Rewards page for more information on that.

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6 Responses

  1. I visited my favorite store in kingsville, TX. Your sales clerk’s need to be stopped using their phones when on shift. It seems like everywhere I go shopping this clerk’s are all on the phone. Walmart is the same. HEB also has the same issue. Your cashier’s are alway’s very busy & Mary Jane Mendietta is so awesome, very attentive, professional, overall a gentle giant. Adorable ❣️

  2. I am a every weekend shopper at Marshals York town and Schaumburg or any state city store. I was at York Town Marshals (s.# 0041143379 &AID A0000000031010) and was very shocked at the cashier behavior towards me. I made a purchase of $200 and my return stuff (1 throw) sat at the bottom of the pile in the cart. So since
    I did not have the receipt for the return she called the manager on the pager and when the manager comes she very suspiciously whispering in the manager ear’s about my return without receipt. Makes the customer feel like she shoplifted.
    Since She had to ring the items again to adjust the store credit for the new purchases she was so nasty and wild that she dumped the stuff into the bag carelessly crumpling stuff and threw my DL on my bag, which she cannot do that to anyone, it’s an important doc and has to be handled over to the owners hand.
    Is she being racist? We give business to stores and should be treated well. Recruiter must train such impatient staff rigorously or you will end up losing valuable customers.

  3. I went to the Marshall’s in Marshfield Massachusetts today the cashier had was just so pleasant and courteous her name was CiCi she is definitely an asset to your store .

  4. On Saturday I went to Marshalls in flushing NY,I purchased a Thahari coat ,a blanket ,a winter hat and a pack of socks. Unfortunately I lost my receipt, I feel so bad because the young men that was a cashier at register#10 around 7:00pm had so much patience. I had a problem with my visa and I was so frustrated because I really needed those goods. He was so kind to advise me to go to an ATM outside the store and try withdrawing there. And fortunately it worked, I was able to go back into the store and paid for my goods. He had written his name on the receipt, I just want your team to know about the friendly person he was to me.A young Asian guy with blonde hair. T Sincerely yours. V Flayser

  5. Very impressed with the kingsville plaza store in kingsville,tx which I visited 8/29/20.. was greeted pleasantly upon entering and instructions given re COVID etc. store was clean,Merchandise nicely displayed and checkout was prompt. One of the nicest Marshall’s I have been to!

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