Burger King Guest Survey

Complete the My BK Experience survey (mybkexperience.com), and receive a coupon for a FREE Whopper, or Chicken Sandwich with purchase, good for your next visit to Burger King! Previous purchase required. Must have a recent receipt with survey invitation. The receipt is valid for 14 days after purchase. The coupon is valid for 30 days.

Survey NameMy BK Experience
Survey URLwww.mybkexperience.com
Survey RewardFREE Whopper or Chicken Sandwich (offer may vary)
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid For14 Days
Coupon Valid For30 Days
Entry Limit1 per person, per receipt

How To Take The Survey

In order to take the MyBKExperience.com survey and get your reward, you must have a recent receipt from Burger King available. Then, follow these steps.

  1. Have your Burger King receipt handy
  2. Visit the online survey site at www.mybkexperience.com
  3. Enter the restaurant number and survey code from your receipt
  4. Click the button to begin the survey
  5. Answer each question as honestly as possible
  6. Enter your contact information when prompted
  7. Click the final “Submit” button to finalize the survey
  8. Be sure to write down the validation code on your receipt
  9. Enjoy your FREE food from Burger King!

Other Ways To Save

Here are some great ways to save money at Burger King:

  1. Download the Burger King app and get rewards towards free food
  2. With the app, you will be alerted to the latest deals and coupons
  3. If you have a Target RedCard, you can buy Burger King gift cards at a 5% discount at Target
  4. Get the Burger King family bundle and save up to 50%
  5. If you’re eating in at Burger King, order the smallest drink possible to save money, and just refill it as many times as you want while you’re there

Be sure to download the Burger King app to get the latest coupons and deals, and to join their rewards program to get the most bang for your buck at Burger King.

About Burger King

Burger King is an iconic fast-food chain with a rich history that stretches back to the 1950s. Founded by two brothers, David and Matthew Burns, in Miami, Florida, Burger King has become one of the most recognizable names in the world. It specializes in flame-grilled hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and whopper sandwiches. The fast-food chain has over 17,000 locations in more than 100 countries worldwide and serves over 11 million customers daily.

Burger King’s menu is expansive, offering classic hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, breakfast items, desserts and beverages. In recent years Burger King has expanded its offerings to include healthier options, such as veggie and turkey burgers. It has also launched a plant-based burger and became the first major fast-food chain to add vegan sausage and croissant sandwiches to its menu.

The company is committed to sustainability and uses 100% cage-free eggs in all of its breakfast items. Burger King is also dedicated to giving back to the community, supporting education programs and hunger relief initiatives. From its humble beginnings in Miami, Burger King has grown into a multinational fast-food powerhouse. As it continues to evolve with new menu items and store expansions, Burger King is sure to continue its reign as one of the most beloved restaurants on earth.

46 thoughts on “How to get free food from Burger King by using MyBKExperience.com”

  1. We enjoy eating at Burger King once a month and seam to always get great food, great service, and like the location of the store. I have tried for 3 days to do the survey but cannot read the number code because of the bad print. Also I cannot figure out how to get the correct web page to enter the survey.

  2. Received an order through door dash and my order was delivered in a sealed bag. When I opened the bag I was missing two of my hamburgers when I called the location they told me it was between door dash and me. I told the manager the bag was sealed he told me the driver must have resealed the bag which is totally ridiculous. That is not what happened. Very very disappointed I think that is total bull and burger king should be responsible. Just beware when ordering from Burger King they are a rip off. Very unhappy

  3. Worst, day ever brought. Y children to burger King on social st. Woonsocket. The employees treated us very bad. Some young boy bald his fist n growling at. Me n my kids. Dame female manager named Victoria. Ducks. Should of fired this young man on the
    spot. But no!!! Stood there with another employees christen Roger’s. Ugly roachy bitch. Telling me too move out the drive through. Hell no , take ur dirty food , refund my money. So I drive upto park Ave. By. And I’m glad I did. We were treated very respectful. So. No all are the same. But fuk doing renovations outside this restaurant. , start removing the garbage inside. They should be FIRED!!! Especially, the manager on duty at 5pm today. I did get my money back, but never have I been threatened by a employee before. And yes slammed the glass sliding window in my face. Calling me confused bitches.. oh yes…. so customers BE AWARE , burger King on social St. Is very nasty. Buyers be aware..

  4. Forgot my wallet today so when I was at work I was happy to see I had a Burger King receipt I do the surgery go to claim my stuff and they say it costs $5 I was confused cause it said it was free and they couldn’t give me an answer as to why it was $5 for a free survey item

  5. THIS SURVEY IS A SCAM! I completed the entire survey, then when I got to the “explain in three sentences…” section at the end, the website never moved forward! It simply kept “analyzing…analyzing…analyzing…analyzing…analyzing…analyzing…” until the website timed me out! DO NOT waste your time! Go to Wendy’s or even McDonalds instead! Burger King SUCKS! If your survey is legit (which I doubt), then FIX IT!

  6. Stopped by Burger King today. Had my last reciept with survey code ready for a free Whopper. Found out at the drive thru that I had to purchase a Whopper, fries & a drink inorder to get my free Whopper. Guess I didn’t read the rules good enough. Didn’t really want all of that. So, I just ordered (2) Whoppers for about half the price. Gave my survey ticket to the cashier & asked him to just give it to the next customer. Kind of disappointed.

  7. This was the WORST experience EVER at any Burner King @STORE3942 in Madison, Al. If the order was received correctly and I had been charged correctly, I would’ve had no complaints other than the cold onion rings as well as the fact I paid for a large combo, but received a small onion ring. On top of that the food was made incorrectly as it was rang up wrong. I ended up needing to have it fixed. After going back through the drive through, I saw the manager and asked to have the food remade. She insisted she only had a cook, cashier and bagger and because she was short staffed mistakes happen. No apology. This was also said in a rude tone. I then proceeded to go back through the drive through to get the good corrected. Mind you, it was 6:54pm and I was taking people their lunch at work that began at 7pm. After explaining the food was wrong and told i was not charged for cheese on each sandwich, I paid for the cheese and attempted to hang the food bags back only to be told we can’t take that back and given a bag with 2 slices of cheese in a box. Mind you the sandwiches missing cheese were not mine! The manager is inside the store talking about me while the employees laughed at her talking trash about me They kept slamming the drive through window in my face. They refused to replace the cold onion rings and also threatened to call the police because I insisted on then making the worker’s food correctly. By this time it was 7:11pm and the workers lunch break would be over in 19 minutes and I still had to get their food to them. If not for that reason alone, I would’ve stayed and spoken to the police because despite this current climate, when people are paying their hard earned money, they deserve a fresh hot meal on their lunch break. When I’m running an errand for worker’s who barely have enough time to sit and eat their food, if I order it the way it should be made and the order taker is not clear on what I say, they should repeat the order back for me to confirm it. Years ago, I’ve worked many fast food restaurant and my integrity is the same no matter what field of work I work in. It is unfortunate that we’re all in the middle of a Pandemic and it’s even more unfortunate that many fast food restaurant chain is understaffed. Despite that fact, no manager should be speaking to customers with a rude demeanor and be smart mouth after you’ve given them your hard earned money for food to be as to afford for it. All in All, Burger King sucked today! The same person I took lunch today shared with me the last time he ordered his sandwich he asked for no lettuce and was told that’s his problem. 👀 That is also unfortunate that it was not only me with the bad experience at the same 3942 restaurant. The thing that irritated me the most was not receiving a receipt so once I went back through the drive through I was given a duplicate receipt. I tried to do the survey and they are not accepting them at this time so I had to take the time to share my experience. No one deserves that type of experience. Not even my worst enemy. Who are they hiring these days? Take better pride in your work is all in saying, pretend as if you care even if you don’t. Watch how you talk to people. A soft answer turns away wrath. You get the same attitude you dish to some people. It’s 2021 people stopped kissing azz years ago and some never did! I grew up up north so I’m not with the dirty south program. It’s sickening. Act professional and you will get professional responses. I pray they find me efficient management because I’m done.

  8. Went to Burger King Store 10153 King George Hwy Surrey BC Canada . Got free whopper with a code ,paid for small fries & small drink got the receipt . Returned to the store 3 weeks later with same receipt and a valid code denied free whopper sandwich . I was told one free whopper a month per code . Unreal yet the website says “offer can be redeemed anytime within the next 30 days” & only one survey can be completed during a 14 day period per household.
    My question why was I denied ?

  9. Kind of tough to complete the survey when the website will only force me to download their extension repeatedly and not let me complete the survey. Other than that my visit to the local store 6405 was clean and pleasant.

    There is no point to offer free food for the survey and then not allow your customers to get to the survey.

  10. Diane Gaulzetti

    I have wanted to complete your survey the last 2 times I visited store 3763 but their receipt printer is not good. Both times I could not read all the numbers in the survey code number. I am very happy with their service and would like to give them credit but can’t because of the incomplete survey code. I would also like the validation code so i can save when i go again.

  11. Tried to do survey for free sandwich. Wasted my time, told the survey quota was full, on the second of the month no less. Survey should be taken off back of receipt, being very misleading. First survey I have tried to do, will never try again. Sorry Burger King but from now on McDonald’s or Wendy’s it is.

    1. “Survey quota is full,” is the default statement given when information is entered incorrectly. I’ve made the same mistyping error before too. Just reenter the information correctly and it will work. Hope this helps.

  12. My complaint is the Burger King receipt says to respond in or after 48 hours. Then when I try to enter the message says at least 14 days I believe per family. You had better try to change the receipt given at the time of purchase or change the message when I try to enter on the page I open to enter to receive the Whopper, Original Chicken, or the Croissanwich. I’m tired of my receipt being rejected even though I follow the instructions on the receipt and the ones on the Web site when I try to enter. Some one is not doing their job in making sure either the instructions on the receipt are wrong or the ones when you try to sign in are wrong. They contradict each other.

  13. Robert Zyskowski

    My receipt did not have the information you required to fill out “mybkexperience” form.
    Their receipt layout is not like the one you show, the printer needs a new ribbon because some of the print is not visible.
    According to the BK menu on line the sandwich I bought is $5 something, they charged me $7.29. It was the Sourdough King Bacon Sandwich.
    The store is at 300 Herkimer Rd., Utica. NY 13502, (315) 792-3656
    My order #264166
    Someone needs to be enlighted, either me or the store manager or both.

  14. Hi.
    My receipt was a reprint so I can’t do the survey because it doesn’t have the cone on it.
    I just wanted to make sure that you knew that you have a gem of an employee at the Elk River, MN location.
    Bruce was the gentleman who helped me.
    On a previous visit I was missing a meal so the person I talked to (a female) wrote me in the book to recieve 2 meals. Alos great outcome and very good customer service.
    When I went in to receive the free meals I went into the store. Bruce greeted me and he was the absolute nicest!!!
    He was very patient with my son who would not make up his mind about what kind of drink he wanted. He was very considerate in making sure I revieved my meals and more. If there is a way to make sure he gets credit for his exceptional service PLEASE make sure he gets some reward. You have a great asset working there. Make sure he receives credit for his efforts.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Feb 3rd, 2021@ 7:54pm

    There was also a quiet, but nice guy Sam there that night also.

  15. William Keserich

    Went to get a couple of Whoppers and Fries from the Store and everything was Great as usual. Good service and very quick to get food out. Was Hot and fresh. Always a pleasure to go to the store to eat. Thanks and keep up the GOOD work.

  16. Went to Burger King at Store #14464, 1105 W. 4th St. Reno, Nevada on Sunday Oct 25, ordered a double whopper with cheese meal, when I got home, NOT A DOUBLE WHOPPER WITH CHEESE, it was a SINGLE with cheese. Went to the same Burger King today (Oct 26). Ordered 2 Bacon Cheese Burger meal. When I got home, there was NOT 2 BACON CHEESE BURGERS, there was 2 single cheese burgers. EVERY time, EVERY time, EVERY time I go to this Burger King store, when I get home, my order has NEVER EVER been correct. There are too many fast food restaurants in this town, I WILL NEVER EVER visit another Burger King.

  17. I went to BK store that I have visited in the past. Store 4609 361 2nd Street Ogden Utah. I was on the phone when I placed my order and my friend said they are going to mess up your order because of the way they repeated my order. I thought everything would be great. Nope. I went inside the store to get a refund. The person that helped me I guess was busy helping the 1 person in the drive thru so someone else tried to help me. The one that took the order said what is wrong with the order I tried to explain that the sandwich was not the way I wanted. She said that I didn’t tell her that I wanted it plain with a little attitude in her voice. WOW its my fault ok thanks BK for saving my money.

  18. I cant fill out the survey to get a free whopper. Fill it out but they say my store number is wrong. It is restaurant #6520 in paducah ky.

  19. The last three times I visited store # 1559 (2400 Mount Rose Ave, York PA) I was not given a receipt. My order the last visit was wrong so I was unhappy I could not share my review. Tonight I was again not given a receipt so I requested one. The window clerk looked unhappy and told me she didn’t have paper so I had to wait several minutes. Finally she handed me a receipt that I realized was largely unreadable. I don’t know what is going on but if BK is not receiving feedback about this store, it may simply be because they are not giving any receipts for people to respond. If I can’t trust your franchisee to properly handle a transaction, why should I trust them with the safety of my food?

  20. I DID FILL OUT REQUIRED FIELDS !!!! THEN WHEN I HIT “POST COMMENT” IT DISAPPEARED !!! BYE BYE BK WONT GO BACK !!!Mc D”S is right across the street and Hardies is about 1/8 mile away BYE=BYE !!!

  21. I love there original chicken sandwichs but every time I get them the lettuces that they put on it is always the hard part of the lettuce or it is brown I have a picture of the lettuce they shouldn’t be putting the hard lettuce on them I just bought 4 sandwiches 2 with ketchup and 2 with lettuces and they both had hard lettuces on them I shouldn’t have to pick though the lettuce before I eat it I’ve talked to other people they say the same thing and the lettuce you really need to do something about it thank you Judy

    1. Thank you Judy for your opinion. We strive to please our customers. Because thin lettuce wilts easily from the heat of the sandwich and your desire not to have thick lettuce that withstands the process better, we have decided to eliminate lettuce from our sandwiches. Thanks again for helping us improve our customer’s experience.

  22. I entered your survey and almost had it completed when I push the wrong the wrong key. I tried to reenter my survey and it blocked me out. I did not receive a survey number and I am disappointed.

    1. Gladys Jackson

      That Blocking happened to me too… but because my receipt didn’t have it’s
      Store ID number printed on my receipt… therefore no reviews

  23. I love Burger King but the last time I ordered 3 original chicken sandwiches and two spicy chicken sandwiches but didn’t get my spicy chicken sandwiches. I didn’t realize this until I got home so I had to go back out and get something else for my grandson to eat.

  24. Your taco is disgusting…the shell has the texture of leather and the filling can’t be hamburger meat it’s canned dog food YULK

  25. Just bought 4 tacos @ BK in Niles,Ohio. Receipt was not legible for survey. Tacos were a disgrace and inedible. Looked more like a pop tart than a taco, having very little filling, cheese or flavor. Appeared to have been made yesterday.

  26. Deborah Ingrahm

    I had the worst experience. The ice cream on the cone came off W/1 lick all over the front of me. She gave me another cone+it was just as soupy. Store #2019.Norwich NY. 8/5/19. Order #267642-1:23:16PM. Bottom of the receipt is ripped off so I can’t even do the survey for a free sandwich. Please look into this matter. Innocent kids should be able to get a cone W/out getting a milk bath like me. Not to mention the mess.

  27. Stopped for lunch today, staff was pleasant and happy.
    As I waited for my food I was very taken back as to the poor upkeep of the kitchen floor… food all over, fries, nuggets a bun. Don’t think I will be stopping at 2239 state road#45 in austinburg,oh. Tim order 78

  28. Reginald Collins

    The customer was very friendly, he took my order of the #1 Whopper combo me4al, everything was good no delays on the order and the services was fast very happy about it.

  29. Employees on eavning shift at store # 5974 think its funny to continually give me my order to go, when i have clearly expressed that my order is to dine in and that what they are doing is irritating me.

  30. gwendolyn williams

    i was told someone was going to called me concerning my returned items
    i stopped in the same bargerking today on 3141 s ashland bk10345 order 321

    all i want is my money back or a replacement on my meal

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