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Complete this short survey and get a coupon for a FREE sandwich good for your next visit to Wendy's.​

Wendy's Survey Details

Complete the Talk To Wendy's survey (, and receive a coupon for a FREE burger or chicken sandwich (reward varies, check your receipt), redeemable upon your next visit to Wendy's! Previous purchase required. Must have a recent receipt with survey invitation. The receipt is valid for 2 days after purchase. The coupon is valid for 14 days.
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Survey Reward Coupon for a FREE sandwich (see receipt)
Time To Complete 3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid For 2 Days
Coupon Valid For 14 Days

Survey Tips & Tricks

  1. Be sure to write down the validation code on your receipt to activate the coupon
  2. No survey invitation? Just go there and buy a drink, save the receipt - poof, you now have a valid survey invitation
  3. There's no limit to how many times you can take the survey and get your free coupon, do it every day if you'd like (you just need a valid survey invitation)

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Wendy's is currently offering BOGO deals, among other coupons and discounts. Check out the Wendy's Offers and Coupons page for more information on that.

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14 Responses

  1. Wendy’s Sudbury Ontario, Kingsway location. Coke and root beer were flat and warm, no ice. Ruined the whole meal.

  2. Would be nice to have a way to scan your receipt with the code so it would attach to your web app. Only way to get my free sandwich is to do my usual order for my other items then mention that I also have a “Validation Code” for a free sandwich. Why not have a way to take a pic with my phone to attach the Validation Code to my App order?

  3. Great staff at this location the employees and manager are very polite and the food always is fresh and hot, very and excellent experience at this location 6242 Greenbelt Rs Greenbelt Maryland.

  4. Just wanted to give kuddos to the Manager Elizabeth at the Tucson 3000 blk of Valencia.
    She is obviously a great Manager as i watched her thru the drive-threw window, “coach” an employee on a payment process. She didnt just take over, she took the time to teach.
    My husband and i had our little yorkie in the car with us and she was so kind as to ask if she could give him a treat! Thatmadeour day! She was kind and personable!
    Thank you Elizabeth, for your great cusomer service and management skills. You are appreciated and a wonderful asset to Wendys!
    Ann Hinton
    Tucson Az
    Feb 7th, 2021. Approx 3pm

  5. I think that the new classic chicken sandwich is not as good as the homestyle one. They used chopped romain lettuce on both my cheeseburger and chicken sandwich. I love Wendy’s food and know the quality of the food I got was not the quality it used to be.

  6. The food was very good. The only problem was the employee wanted me to pay by debit machine instead of cash. To which I reminded her that she was wearing gloves (covid 19), at the time.
    But I enjoyed my food I ordered. Lots of bacon; very good baked potatoe (it was nicely cooked with plenty of condiments on top).

  7. How it would be nice to do the survey!!
    The food was good though. But how one does these questions I’d sure like to know. All it keeps doing is tapping me out.

  8. I have spoken to the manager of your restaurant #00006852 (Midpark Way SE, Calgary AB) several times.
    Your receipts when paying with debit do not show the approval number.
    Please fix this error on your receipts.
    Please advise by returning my message when this will be done.
    Thank You

  9. I purchased two half Apple Pecan salads to go, but when I try to eat there was no pecans and no pomegranate vinaigrette. I was furious because I was nowhere near the Wendy’s where I’ve got the 2 salads. I’m very dissapointed! I’ve been buying food at the same Place for many years and never before had a negative experience like that. I had to throw it out. The restaurant is at 1602 Shore Parkway # 16802549. I would like a refund of $12.61.

    1. I filled out the survey and did not get the validation code. Unable to talk to someone about, very , very disappointed with Wendy’s.

  10. I went to the Wendy’s on Hershberger Road and got a bacon cheeseburger and a small chili.. When I tasted the chili it was sour! Disgusting! I would like to be compensated! I’ve worked at Wendy’s before for years and I know how to make the chili and I know how it’s suppose to taste.. I’m very dissatisfied and disappointed . I’m not exaggerating when I say it was sour! I wonder how many others got the chili

  11. Although the food was very good and fresh, the person running drive thru was just rude, and acting like a jerk to put it nicely. He was short, impatient, and obviously lacking the skills and abilities of his position. This was the store in Carrboro NC. There’s always attitude and serious service issues at this location. It’s not the customers fault he was having a bad day and was busy. I hope that you reach out to this store. They need to be retrained apparently.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. I took the survey and completed it but did not receive a code for the free sandwich. Called the number to talk to someone, noone ever got back to me. Very DISAPPOINTED.

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