Culver's Guest Survey

Complete the Tell Culver’s survey (, and receive a coupon for a FREE dessert at Culver’s (reward varies, check your receipt), redeemable upon your next visit to Culver’s! Previous purchase required. Must have a recent receipt with a survey invitation. The receipt is valid for 2 days after purchase.

Survey NameTell Culvers
Survey RewardCoupon for 1 free dessert item
Time To Complete3-5 Minutes
Receipt Valid For2 Days
Entry Limit1 per person, per receipt Screenshot

I’m a huge ice cream fan, and Culver’s knows how to make some of the best!

Who wouldn’t love a free scoop of Culver’s frozen custard? Here’s your chance to get exactly that, just for giving your opinion at

I must confess, I’m not entirely clear on the precise differences between ice cream and frozen custard, but I am certain they’re both irresistibly tasty!

Free scoop of frozen custard, from

If you’ve visited Culver’s recently, and saved your receipt with a survey code, you have your ticket to a free scoop of frozen custard!

How To Take The Survey

  1. Visit the Survey Website:
  2. Enter Receipt Information:
    • On the welcome page, you’ll need to enter some information from your Culver’s receipt.
    • Type in the Survey Code found on your receipt. Be sure not to use the letter ‘O’ when entering your code.
  3. Complete the Survey:
    • Proceed to answer all the survey questions based on your recent experience at Culver’s.
    • The questions may cover topics like the quality of food, the cleanliness of the restaurant, and the friendliness of the staff.
  4. Receive Validation Code:
    • Once you’ve completed the survey, you will receive a validation code.
    • Write this code down on your receipt.
  5. Redeem Your Free Scoop:
    • Take your receipt with the validation code to your local Culver’s restaurant.
    • Show the receipt to a staff member to redeem your free scoop of frozen custard.
  6. Enjoy!:
    • Enjoy your free scoop of frozen custard courtesy of Culver’s for taking the time to provide your feedback on their survey.

This process helps Culver’s to gather valuable feedback from customers, and as a token of appreciation, they offer a free scoop of frozen custard for your time and effort​.

Survey Tips & Tricks

  1. Be sure to write down the validation code on your receipt to activate the coupon
  2. No survey invitation? Just go there and buy a drink, save the receipt – poof, you now have a valid survey invitation
  3. There appears to be a limit to how often you can take the survey and get your free reward, but it’s not immediately clear what the limitation is. Be sure to ask your local Culver’s for details.

Other Ways To Save

Here are some great ways to save money at Culver’s:

  1. Join their rewards program, get FREE birthday treats and special offers
  2. Order kid’s meals and save money over the adult meals
  3. Purchase Culver’s gift cards during the holidays for cheaper
  4. Sign-up for Culver’s email list and get exclusive deals

At the time of this writing I could not find a Culver’s App, but if one exists, it’s always a great idea to download the app for any restaurant you frequent. You will typically be able to get exclusive deals and savings, free items, rewards, etc.

About Culver’s

Culver’s is a fast-food restaurant chain based in the United States, serving hamburgers, frozen custard, and other items. Founded in 1984 by Craig and Lea Culver in Sauk City, Wisconsin, it now has over 700 locations in 28 states. The chain prides themselves on their fresh ingredients and classic American-style cuisine. So, what can you expect to find on the menu at Culver’s?

If you visit Culver’s, you won’t want to miss out on their classic ButterBurgers. These hot and juicy burgers are made with real Wisconsin butter and served between two lightly buttered, toasted buns. It’s the perfect combination of crunchy and creamy.

The chain is also known for its delicious frozen custard, which comes in a variety of flavors every day. Perfectly rich and creamy, it’s the ideal sweet treat after devouring one of their signature burgers. But don’t forget to try out their other menu items like creamy shakes, crispy cheese curds, and the iconic Wisconsin Corn Dog. Whether you’re in the mood for a casual meal or something sweet to finish it off, Culver’s has something for everyone!

41 thoughts on “How to get free scoop of ice cream from Culver’s at”

  1. Sorry for all you above for problems. I love Culver’s been a customer and sent many to Culver’s. We stop there when on vacation and home. I have had some times the survey did not take. So I just kept on hitting again different times. Also just ask for your receipt when first do your order. As the number is on there. Over years my family lol has ate lots of free ice cream as well as been bought. Keep it up Culver’s as we will eat there for years to come. Tks. As GOD is my witness I’m a real person. If a person haves problem’s with order just tell Culver’s, as I’m sure they will take care of you. Whom ever owns that store. Do not leave this store because every place over many years have messed up, if eat there long enough.

  2. After entering code on pink slip, tells me not to use 0. There is clearly none in code. Unable to do survey to get free dish, so have not been back to culvers. I have been going to local owned restaurants.

  3. I see a lot of frustration in the Comments. Culvers has not made it clear that the 18 digit code for getting to the survey is NOT found on your receipt. It is found on the PINK BAG SLIP that was stuck to your Culvers food bag. Their mistake has led to many who aren’t going to trust Culvers.

    The manager I spoke to was very rude in failing to understand that when I’m asked for a number on a RECEIPT, that I look at the white receipt and not the PINK SLIP stuck to my Culvers bag. REALLY BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE. EASY SOLUTION…

  4. Have been unable to enter survey code last three visits. It comes back and says there is an error and server is unavailable. If you put the survey on receipts, make sure it works. I love Culvers, I am originally from Richland Center, and have been a Culvers customer for a long time, but your survey being unavailable is not good for customer service. Please fix and return to a better service. It is frustrating when you offer the service and don’t provide it. Called my local store, and they knew nothing, and said they would pass it on. Unsat.

  5. These surveys never work. It says do not enter the letter “O”. I do not enter that. I do put in the number (0). This happens every time and is frustrating. I cannot get my free frozen custard as a result.

  6. I wasn’r raised with smart/ cell phones and to access your coupon requires one to be a rocket scientist, thanks for nothing! Unhappy customer

  7. I am not able to begin the survey because my receipt does not include a code, but this seems to be açord. The phone number on the receipt is also all “0”s, but that’s another story…

    I visited a new location in Simpsonville, SC, store #913 on 7/26/23. I ordered at 1 of the 2 unoccupied ordering stations. I then made my way to the drive-thru window where apparently no food is allowed to pass through. I say this based on the 2 other vehicles waiting on food in the staging areas. I was asked to pull forward and the employee placed a post-it note on my sideview mirror, wearing gloves (which means he was preparing food)- without asking. (Yes I’m particular about my vehicle and yes it left smudges on the glass.) After a few minutes, both vehicles received their food and they left. I was asked to pull up to the first position, which I was reluctant to do, because employees tend to forget about orders when there is not a vehicle in sight… Besides I was watching the entire time to see if anyone else came to order, at which point I would have pulled up – common sense… Approximately 8 minutes after I was directed to pull up, another vehicle pulls up to the window, then eventually behind me. I’m waiting and waiting, then finally 2 employees come out to my vehicle, one could have been the female that took my order, the other male was the cook that took my payment with the gloves on… I figured they had come out to apologize for my experience and the extremely long wait time, which amounted to 14 minutes (ordered at 4:08 according to the ticket on the bag, food delivery was 4:22) for 1 deep fried chicken patty and 1 grilled chicken patty. The sticky note on the side mirror may help with order delivery but it does NOT help with the inexplicably long wait time. I imagine if there were a survey code on the receipt, corporate would hear more about how this new location is performing.

  8. Can not enter my survey codes. Employees knew nothing about it. Don’t offer a service and not have help at your store. If I can’t get our free concrete we will not be coming back. And we visit your establishment several times a month.

  9. Does not let me put in any numbers I don’t have numbers and it doesn’t let me put in any of the letters on the other thing so therefore I can’t even do the survey and the front on the receipt is so faint you can’t hardly see it, so I don’t know what the purposes of even giving me the opportunity to possibly get a free ice cream or whatever because it can’t even spell out

  10. I filled out a complaint last night about the Spring Green Culvers, and I never got a response. I ordered [1] vanilla cone, [3] concrete mixers, [1] med shake chocolate order ID: AAAUDLM4LHA Date 7/16/2023 5:35 pm. I didn’t get a receipt, so when they brought out my order, they didn’t have the cone or the receipt. So then they had to go back in to get the cone. Came out with the cone and no receipt. they finally came with this pink receipt that has no survey code on it. My chocolate shake was vanilla with chocolate syrup, the mixers were really runny. needless to say I wasn’t a happy camper! So please respond!

  11. I would like to do a survey but there is no code or no invitation on receipt, there is not even a phone number, nothing! I guess they don’t want to know how terrible the service was in their store. Rogers, AR, New Hope Road

  12. According to this company “Culvers has something for everyone”….they sure do….
    Including false receipt has no Trn number which you need to enter the survey and receive a free dish of ice cream on your next visit. Guess what? I don’t appreciate wasting my time trying to do their “survey”. There won’t be a next time for me. Keep your nonfunctional survey and your free ice cream, along with my burger order that cost me over $11.

  13. I get a 15 digit code that the survey does not except. There also is no TRN # on my receipt. This has happen a number of times. So then I can’t do the survey.

  14. Patrick Pavoni

    Why is it the newer tickets that I got from this restaurant in Portage and three Rivers Michigan I can’t get the small numbers thing or find it on my receipt like I used to I used to be able to turn them in and get a treat now and then why bother putting this thing out if you’re not gonna go through with it the one today I’ve got the survey code but it doesn’t show the small one at the top anywhere I look around the date and all it has is the time I looked at your instructions online and there are of no use

  15. I have tried numerous times to put in this survey code it will not accept it I also do not have a TRN number on here that it shows on the survey

    1. Patrick Pavoni

      Well I’m glad I’m not the only one I’ve been trying this and it doesn’t seem to work anymore either used to. They need to quit asking like it’s a survey if they don’t want it then don’t keep mentioning it.

  16. This is the third time I’ve tried to enter my validation code and it doesn’t take it. It says to not enter a 0 and I didn’t I entered a Q. And if I only have a 15 digit code it won’t take that either even when I click on not an 18 digit code. I see there are a lot of people having this problem. If you’re not going to honor our coupon then take it off the receipt.

    1. Your 18 digit code isn’t on the receipt. They meant to say get the code from the PINK BAG SLIP that attaches to the food bag.

      They have a problem with WORDS…

  17. Each time I get the receipt and I try to use it to do the survey and get a code for a free ice cream dish the tell site always ask for an 18 digit code. However, the receipt does not have 18 digit. It only has 12. additionally, the cash register receipt is not numerical for those digits now, it is alphabetic. There are no numbers to plug-in. One time I actually took all the letters and substituted them with their numerical equivalent on a telephone calling system. In other words, an “A” would be a “1”.
    You did work, and I was given a code for the free dish of ice cream. Now the catch rest receipts are only giving 12 digits while the survey request 18. What is up with that and what should I do? Mack

    1. The real code is on the PINK BAG SLIP that attaches to the food bag. They say “receipt” but the code is NOT on the white receipt.


  18. Why Does The Site Ask For A Credit Card Number To Do A Survey? Unless There Is A Mimic Site. No Free Ice Cream Here Because No One Should Have To Give Out That Kind Of Personal Info For A Survey. ?

  19. Nicole At Stevensville Culver’s Went Above & Beyond To Make Our Visit A Pleseant Experience. She Is Very Kind & Curtious.

  20. We had the worst service at Culver’s in Elkhorn,WI. We wait 10 minutes to hear that they put in our order wrong. They came and asked us what we ordered. We told them. They said they had not understood our order and would get it right out. Well after waiting 15 minutes we still didn’t have our order. Others behind us in line were done with their food. We had to go and ask about were our order was. Then another few minutes before it came with a sorry. No making up for the extra time they took and us missing getting our other things done before our appointment.

  21. I took the survey and all I got was a call from some insurance company and some quotes. I was wanting a number to get free ice cream

  22. I gave a wrong number for our visit. Our experience was very positive. I didn’t mean to put in the wrong message.

  23. This is to complain about the Ripon Culvers. I sat in the drive thru lane for 35 minutes to get to the window for the one sundae that I finally got to order.. While sitting in line three vehicles out of five ahead of me had ordered food and they were not asked to move to one of the four spots to wait for their order. The other two vehicles didn’t order food and were able to get their order right away and left. I didn’t take my order when I got to window and told them that it was unreasonable for me to sit in line that long and for them not using the waiting spots and I told them I would not be back again and left.

  24. Have been going on Fridays for the Cod fish. Usually excellent but this week it was greasy and a smallish portion!

  25. The worst hamburger I have ever had. Have eaten at Culvers for years and
    was always pleased. The last few times I’ve been there hambergers have not
    been tastey . The over all food is fine, but certainly not the burgers. Will not
    be recommending Culveres burnt burgers to anyone.

  26. I took the survey I was supposed to get a validation code afterwards for a free single dish or cake cone I did not get the validation code

  27. karen swallows

    My husband and I have been going to culver’s at least once a week for a very long time. There have been some small problems over the years but nothing like what we were served last night. When my husband got home with our orders I could not believe what I was looking at!!! I should have just tossed it into the trash, the dog got most of it. I guess it is time to find another place to eat!!!

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