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Complete the Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey ( and enter for a chance to win $500 cash! No purchase required to enter sweepstakes. Maximum of one entry per month per individual, with one $500 grand prize winner every month. See the official rules and previous winners for more info.
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  2. No survey invitation? Just go there and buy something cheap, save the receipt - poof, you now have a valid survey invitation
  3. It appears that you can only enter once per month for the grand prize of $500, but there's a new drawing every month so feel free to enter every month (you just need a valid survey invitation)

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39 Responses

  1. This Taco Bell on Layton avenue is the best in this area… food done right and super friendly staff! I don’t go to a closer one because it’s terrible at that one.. love the lunch crew here!

  2. They have removed several items on the dollar menu, especially the spicy torsotoes. Being senior citizen I purchase a lot on the dollar menu.

  3. They were curtious and friendly more people should work as these two..nice to see such fast and respectful young teenagers as these..thank you taco bell for hiring them. Service was great..yavel G.thank you and keiry jennvy for great service..

  4. Brooke was very courteous and friendly and got our order accurate and complete. (Which is rare now days at most fast food places.) Food tasted, fresh and great! We’ll be back to the Cedar Falls, IA. Store Code7505-8023-1993-3324

  5. Food was disappointing. Quesadilla wasn’t cut. Ordered a soft Taco Supreme, and all it had was cheese and lettuce. Tried to call store 3 times and no one would answer the phone. Taco Bell, yall need to do better. Douglasville ga location.

  6. Casey Kat was very nice it was my son’s 7th birthday and he wanted taco bell great end to a great day

  7. I won’t be back to this Taco Bell. Soft shell was hard on edges. The girl barely opened the window to hand me my food just stuck half of forearm out. So not an enjoyable moment

  8. I have been to 2 taco bell locations. Yes, they have messed up my order a couple of times but when I have gone back to order again. They have corrected their mistake and made it right. I do go back when I am in the area. If they wouldn’t have made it right, I wouldn’t be back.

  9. I am very frustrated with Taco Bell. I will never visit another taco bell again. On 2/19/22 @ 8:20:09 P.M. I went thru the drive thru at 1300 Howe Ave in Sacramento, CA 95825. When I got home with my order my order was completely cold and was the wrong order. I have tried calling the store to speak with a manager several times and all I get is hung up on.

  10. Ordered the crispy chicken box. No chicken on one of tacos. Just crumbs. This was at the Greenville Ohio Taco Bell. I didn’t get receipt so couldn’t enter survey. Went thru drive thru. Guess I’ll be either not going there or checking food at window b4 I leave. Sad really sad

  11. I’m going back to taco time cuz Taco Bell in Bonney lake wa keeps charging me different prices three days in a row for the exact order first time was8.59 next time was11.97 and the last time 11.88. When asked they say they don’t know why it would be like that so I’m done. I figure they owe me three plus dollars But they won’t even deal with it

  12. I’m going back to taco time cuz Taco Bell in Bonney lake wa keeps charging me different prices for the exact order first time was8.59 next time was11.97 and the last time 11.88. When asked they say they don’t know why it would be like that so I’m done. I figure they owe me three plus dollars But they won’t even deal with it. Taco time has way better customer service

  13. I went through the Taco Bell drive thru, and a young lady with short hair was very polite, she gave me my food in a respectful manner and she also made sure there extra Diablo sauces as they are my favorite. The receipt said Christina. She was very polite while taking and handing me my order. The only issue I had was the very little amount of napkins. But she made great conversation and she had amazing confrontation towards me. She also told me to have a great day. That made me smile. Thank you Christina.

  14. The good is good, but $8.00 for 3 tacos is a bit much. Also, and more importantly I can never get a drink at any Taco Bell. The tea is nasty like instant nestea and I don’t like lemon in it. I always get unsweetened everywhere else and use Splenda. Everything to drink on the menu is someone the wall and to .sugary.

  15. Everything was delicious and food service was fast and friendly employees with smiling faces that what I love.Kayla the manager is on point great job of service.

  16. Survey Code:7459-7034-1428-3119
    Why is it so hard to get an order correct?????
    4 crunchy tacos with extra lettuce
    1 Bean Burrito w/onion

  17. Cashier Tyler F at Store 030643 was very professional, courteous, friendly and overall seemed to like his job, which u don’t see that much these days. Food was ok, everything was correct that I ordered. Thanks Tyler!!😁

  18. No awning at drive in window.Waited in line at least 15 mins. Before receiving food brought out to us. No receipt given back. After receiving food no mild sauce in the bagwith the 3 orders. Had to turn around get out the car in the pouring down rain.And I mean pouring down rain. I got soak and wet aT the window with an umbrella. With that water pouring from the building at the driving window. Very poor service. This was at Taco bell in Lake City S.C. on 52 Hwy. I just left there and told them I will call but had no receipt. Thanks!

  19. Love the dollar menu! All the ‘wraps’ Are delicioso and I can ‘fill up’ for under 5$😋

  20. Very nice service at taco Bell 001360 Harold was very helpfull and patient while we were making our order. Thank you .

  21. Taco Bell at 3458 SE Mile Hill Dr, Port Orchard, WA 98366. SERVER: Melissa B.
    Order #: 37086. Melissa was very friendly. Service was fast. Food was fresh and a good temperature. Unfortunately, I paid for a 22 pack of cinnabons and they were NOT interested bag of food.

  22. Taco Bell 002615 Food was cold, costumer service was horrible, at least today’s visit was not favorable at all. The person at window don’t even great or smile, made me feel so uncomfortable. She even thru all bags at me with an attitude and rolling eyes. Every time I’ll ask for something she seemed bother. If you at work, you got love what you do. If you don’t love your job for certain reasons just make the best of it and for others too! The name that’s is in my receipt is Kimberly G.

  23. Tobey was the young man at the window even though the receipt said Ryan.
    Tobey was very personable and had great people skills. Nice Young man

  24. Ordered 3 Chili Cheese Bur, 1 Nacho Fries, 2 Soft Tacos and they had 5 hot sauce on my receipt. Bag all taped shut nice and neet but when I got home my 2 tacos were missing and there 13 packets of hot sauce. It’s not the money I spent on the taco’s but it would be nice to get what I ordered and paid for. Store to far away to go back, manager should supervise the help and stop the waste of sauce packets, and napkins and also check the orders before they close the bag and tape shut.
    Christine Evans

  25. Here are my thoughts on Taco Bell app. It needs some improvement. Overall not bad. It took 3 tries to complete my order partially due to human error partially due to my device and partially due to app. My biggest complaint with app is that I didn’t see anywhere on the app to request a veterans or senior discount. Another complaint, I didn’t receive a receipt. My last complaint is I didn’t get a straw which I was told was in the box.

  26. It’s too hard to find this survey! The Food is usually all that, but you can lower the prices on some of them, that would help. They’re pretty nice, the employees, but i don’t really get to talk to them much ! Good job staff!

  27. Food was excellent and Roland Roshon gave great service at 2777 Billingsley Rd. Columbus Ohio 43235

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